Culture Comes First with Lyon’s Young Professionals Network
March 22, 2024

Culture Comes First with Lyon’s Young Professionals Network

Lyon’s Young Professionals Network (YPN) was established with a single objective: to cultivate environments where our agents and team members can forge lasting connections, regardless of whether they are young in their careers or simply young at heart.

At Lyon, we understand that our greatest asset is our people. Our agents choose Lyon not just for their business, but for the tight-knit community and vibrant culture we share. Our offices are more than workplaces; they’re hubs where bonds are formed, both personally and professionally. Our events are more than educational and fun; they’re opportunities for our agents to meet colleagues whom they can lean on to further each others’ business.

That’s why Lyon’s YPN is dedicated to organizing entertaining but purposeful events for our agents to socialize, form business connections, learn, and enjoy themselves. We strongly believe in cultivating relationships that go beyond business transactions, reflecting Lyon’s commitment to “Community over Competition.” 

It was at one of these YPN events that Diandra Brammer Shireman, the group’s founder, met Danny Tejeda, a Lyon agent from a different office. Thanks to their collaboration, Brammer secured an exclusive preview of an off-market listing for her clients, presenting them with an exciting opportunity to potentially find their dream home. This is just one of many examples of how our agents have benefited from being part of our Young Professionals Network.

For agents embarking on their career journey or those seeking to expand their business horizons, Lyon YPN offers invaluable opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and refine their skills. Across Sacramento, Yolo, Placer, and El Dorado counties, Lyon YPN opens doors to lasting relationships with fellow realtors.

“As president of Lyon YPN, I’m immensely proud of the bonds we’ve fostered through this initiative. YPN has only added to Lyon’s culture with both fun and informational events and I look forward to another year of expanding this community,” says Diandra Brammer Shireman.

From quarterly mixers to speaker panels with industry experts, Lyon YPN invites you to immerse yourself in Lyon’s vibrant culture. Because at Lyon, it’s our people who truly make us extraordinary. Follow us on social media @LyonYPN to stay connected and learn more. 


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