Cool Off With These Homemade Popsicles (& Boozy Ones Too!)
June 23, 2021

Cool Off With These Homemade Popsicles (& Boozy Ones Too!)

Summer is upon us, and in the greater Sacramento area, that means one thing: it’s hot! The River City is notorious for its dry summer heat, which ramps up in June and hits its peak come mid-August. Locals are always on the search for new ways to cool off, whether it’s jumping into a nearby swimming hole, going rafting or tubing, or relaxing with a refreshing summer cocktail.

But another great way to stay chill this summer is by indulging in the ultimate summer treat: the popsicle. The frozen fruit pops have come a long way since their humble beginnings, so you don’t have to settle for just red or orange, you can try grown-up flavors like mocha and kombucha. There are even boozy varieties! Best of all, they are easy and affordable to make at home — all you need is a popsicle mold. Following are some of the best recipes for summertime popsicles for both adults and kids alike.


Creamy Peach & Honey Popsicles

Photo courtesy Cookie & Kate

What’s better than a juicy peach on a warm summer day? A peaches and cream popsicle! This recipe uses roasted peaches, yogurt and honey for a healthy, frozen version of the classic treat.


Fresh Fruit Popsicles

Photo courtesy One Little Project

What to do with all that fresh summer fruit? Turn them into a frozen dessert, of course. Just mix your favorite fruit (whatever you happen to have on hand) with a little juice, freeze, and you have a healthy treat for both kids and adults.


Margarita Popsicles

Photo courtesy Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons

An ice-cold margarita is a go-to summer cocktail, and this recipe takes it a step further by turning it into popsicle form. Like the original, it uses tequila, lime, orange juice and agave for an adults-only warm weather treat.


Mango Raspberry Lassi Ice Pops

Photo courtesy Sprinkle Bakes

Originating in India, a lassi is a sweetened yogurt-based beverage flavored with spices and fruit, most commonly, mango. This ice pop transforms the dish into a frozen version, adding raspberry for an added zing.


Orange Julius Popsicles

Photo courtesy Nellie Bellie

Orange Julius is an old-school mall spot for orange-and-cream-flavored frozen slushies. This version mimics those same flavors in a portable, hand-held stick version by blending together orange juice, milk and vanilla yogurt. It’s even more refreshing than the original!


Kombucha Popsicles

Photo courtesy Champagne Tastes

Kombucha is a fermented tea-based beverage said to have health benefits. It’s often flavored with spices and fruit. This recipe makes a frozen version with either pre-made or homemade kombucha and whatever add-ins you have on hand, like strawberry peach or blueberry lavender.


Pineapple Coconut Mint Popsicles

Photo courtesy Iowa Girl Eats

This no-sugar-added popsicle recipe is like a tropical vacation on a stick! It only uses three ingredients: fresh pineapple, mint leaves and coconut milk, blending them all together and freezing for a healthy and refreshing snack.


Caramel Mocha Cold Brew Popsicles

Photo courtesy Mom Endeavors

Need to cool off while getting your caffeine fix? These popsicles check both boxes! It uses prepared cold-brew coffee with milk, plus caramel and chocolate, to create a sweet pick-me-up any time of day. You could also easily use your own coffee with cream and sugar.


Root Beer Float Popsicles

Photo courtesy Daily Dish Recipes

Root beer and vanilla ice cream are two ingredients made for each other. This popsicle marries them both in a delightful frozen version that kids and adults will love. You could even use hard root beer for a grown-up version.


Peach Rosé Popsicles

Photo courtesy Love and Olive Oil

You can rosé all day (and night) with a few of these boozy, refreshing ice pops. Flavored with fresh peaches (skins and all!) and sweetened with sugar, everything about them says “summer.”


Strawberry, Lime & Black Pepper Popsicles

Photo courtesy Smitten Kitchen

This recipe is modeled on the Mexican ice pops known as paletas, a frozen mixture of blended fruit and spices. Like the original, it uses macerated strawberries with tangy lime juice, plus a pinch of black pepper for balance. You can even dip it in a glass of tequila for a fun, after-hours indulgence.


Grape Mojito Ice Lollies

Photo courtesy Wallflower Kitchen

Mojitos are another staple on the summertime cocktail scene, the mixture of white rum, mint and lime a go-to for hot days. This adults-only recipe plays on those classic flavors, plus the addition of white grape juice to hold it all together and add sweetness.


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