The Top-Rated Sushi Spots in the Sacramento Area to discover
June 14, 2024

The Top-Rated Sushi Spots in the Sacramento Area

With its diverse population, it comes as no surprise that the Sacramento region has its fair share of international cuisine. Diners will find restaurants serving everything from Mexican to Moldovan, Indian to Indonesian. One cuisine that has earned a steady following over the decades is Japanese — sushi, to be exact. In fact, sushi restaurants can be found in just about every city and town in the greater Sacramento region.

Sushi comes in all forms, from the traditional to the avant-garde. In the purest sense, it is simply fish and rice. Popular ingredients include tuna, shrimp, salmon, eel and octopus, as well as cucumber and avocado. Although sashimi (bite-sized pieces of raw fish) is popular both in Japan and the United States, it is technically not sushi, as it does not contain rice. And, contrary to popular belief, not all sushi is raw. Following are the most common types of sushi:

  • Maki. Raw or cooked fish and/or vegetables wrapped in vinegar-seasoned rice and dried seaweed paper called nori.
  • Uramaki. Also known as an inside-out roll, it is similar to maki but the rice is on the outside.
  • Nigiri. Seasoned rice topped with thin slices of raw fish or shellfish.
  • Temaki. Also known as a handroll, ingredients are tucked into a cone-shaped piece of nori.

You’ll find all of the above types of sushi, as well as modern twists on all the classics, at the following highly-rated sushi restaurants in the greater Sacramento area.

Chef Frank Japanese Cuisine | Natomas

Photo Courtesy of Chef Frank Japanese Cuisine

This Japanese restaurant in Natomas has earned a bit of a following not only for its sushi, but also for its omakase, a dining experience in which the chef chooses the dishes. In this case, you pay one price and Chef Frank assembles a curated selection of appetizers, small plates, nigiri, and dessert.

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Kochi Sushi Bar & Grill | El Dorado Hills

Tucked away in a nondescript shopping center in El Dorado hills, this sushi restaurant has every type of sushi imaginable, from specialty rolls to hand rolls to nigiri. You can also get a party platter or combo plate. They even have an El Dorado Hills roll, a deep-fried roll with snow crab and cream cheese topped with spicy sauce.

Kru | Sacramento 

Kru Contemporary Japanese Cuisine in Sacramento offers a refined dining experience, emphasizing sustainability and local ingredients through contemporary Japanese dishes, barmanship, and Omakase. The restaurant prioritizes hospitality and a two-way engagement with guests to create a memorable culinary journey.

Hikari Sushi & Omakase | Davis

Photo courtesy of Hikari Sushi & Omakase

Although you can order sushi here, the real way to experience Hikari Sushi in Davis is to order omakase. There are several set menus to choose from, which include chef’s choice nigiri, temaki, sashimi and dessert. They also have chirashi, bite-sized pieces of fish, seafood, and vegetable garnishes over rice.

Ichiban Sushi | Rocklin

Located in Rocklin, this relaxed Japanese eatery has dozens of creative specialty rolls, including the Hot Night, with spicy crab and tuna; the Rocklin, with deep-fried asparagus and albacore; and the Sierra, with shrimp and four types of fish. They also have vegetable rolls, hand rolls, nigiri, and sashimi.

Nara Sushi | Folsom

This modern sushi shop in Folsom has both traditional and modern dishes. Rolls include the usual tuna and salmon as well as halibut, mackerel and sea urchin sashimi. They also have a selection of baked, fried, and vegetarian rolls.

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Shilla Teriyaki & Sushi Bar | Placerville

If you’re in the Placerville area, consider a visit to this unassuming Japanese spot along Highway 50. Sashimi, rolls, and nigiri are all on the menu. They also have sushi boats and build-your-own sushi plates.

Osaka Sushi | Woodland

Located in Woodland, this lively sushi restaurant has an extensive menu to suit any taste. They have more than three dozen rolls on offer, including the popular Main Street roll with cream cheese and spicy salmon and the Y2K roll with panko shrimp and snow crab. They also have combo plates and vegan options.

Sushi Omakase | Roseville

Photo courtesy of Sushi Omakase

If you’re looking for an authentic Japanese meal in Roseville, this is a good bet. In addition to their chef’s-choice omakase, they have over-the-top specialty rolls and an entire menu dedicated to plant-based rolls. You can even build-your own rolls choosing the protein, wrap, veggies, toppings, and sauce. They also have a lovely, dog-friendly outdoor patio.

Sushi Star | Citrus Heights

Located in Citrus Heights, this low-key sushi joint has an extensive menu that features rolls, sashimi, nigiri and hand rolls. Popular choices include the lion king roll, a baked roll with crab salad and salmon, and the walnut prawn roll, which mimics the popular Chinese-American dish.

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Yuki Sushi | Cameron Park

Carefully crafted sushi is the draw at this neighborhood sushi spot in Cameron Park. Unique dishes include the cherry roll, which has salmon and avocado wrapped in tuna, and the Lake Tahoe, which has spicy tuna with sliced lemon, chopped salmon and jalapeño.

Pier 50 Sushi | Sacramento

Photo courtesy of Pier 50 Sushi

Hungry? You can get your fill at this all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant in the Arden-Arcade area. It works like this: you pay one price and have your choice of sashimi, rolls, and plates. You even get your choice of dessert, which includes Japanese sweets such as lychee sherbet or green tea ice cream.

Fujiya | Elk Grove

Photo courtesy of Fujiya

This sleek Japanese eatery in Elk Grove is known for its elevated cuisine. Featured items include the Gucci roll with deep-fried lobster and Wagyu beef, and the truffle hamachi. They also have traditional rolls, nigiri, and hand rolls, as well as a chef’s sashimi tasting menu.

Zen Toro Japanese Bistro & Sushi Bar | Davis

This long-standing sushi bar in Davis has a traditional vibe and the menu features both traditional and modern sushi options. Tuna rolls, nigiri, and sashimi are all available here, or you can get a sashimi platter or temaki sampler. They also serve more modern rolls such as the spider roll with soft-shell crab or the spicy Big Mac with cream cheese and spicy tuna.

Sakura Sushi | Auburn

This no-frills sushi spot in Auburn offers dozens of specialty rolls featuring every imaginable creature from the sea: shrimp, crab, scallop, salmon, eel, lobster, tuna and much more. They also have a large selection of nigiri, which includes squid, mackerel, and giant clam. They also have several baked and fried rolls.

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Sushi Paradise | Sacramento

If you love sushi, this modern eatery in Downtown Sacramento truly is paradise! They offer both traditional and contemporary rolls, such as the four seasons roll with spicy tuna, mixed fish, and spicy sauce and the atomic bomb roll, a deep fried roll with spicy tuna and cream cheese.

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