Top Neighborhood Amenities that Increase A Home's Value
January 12, 2024

Top Neighborhood Amenities that Increase A Home’s Value

So, you’re looking for your dream home (congrats!), but what about a dream neighborhood that wraps around it? Spoiler alert: it matters! Communities that offer a variety of amenities to their homeowners not only help you enjoy living there but also provide long-lasting value.

With new home builders cropping up all over the Sacramento Region, as well as the rise of all-inclusive HOAs, there are tons of potential amenities that you should be aware of when house hunting. Some are aesthetics, while others are functional – but all go to help make those neighborhoods somewhere where people want to live. Not to mention, they will add value to your home in the long-term! Here are the biggest amenities we feel are worth highlighting.


In a world where everyone’s in a hurry, there’s something magical about a neighborhood that invites you to take a leisurely stroll. Whether you’re heading to the local park, grabbing a latte, or doing a grocery run, having a safe and walkable neighborhood just makes sense. Some modern communities now offer walking trails, too, which allow for exercise close to home and in the fresh air. 

Features that make a neighborhood walkable include its proximity to parks, shopping, or dining, well-maintained sidewalks, and street lights. Overall, neighborhoods that are clean and safe are key! Take a relaxing walk or go for a high-powered jog and you will see why having a walkable neighborhood can help make its residents feel good.

Mature Trees

Picture this: Tree-lined streets that not only provide shade but also whisper tales of a community that’s stood the test of time. The most prestigious and sought-after neighborhoods all have mature trees, which provide shade to keep things cool, clean the air, and help beautify the area. A gorgeous tree-lined street contributes to a sense of community and tranquility. 

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Dog Parks

Pet-friendly and pet-welcoming neighborhoods matter to those who have dogs! Dog owners love the ability to take their beloved pets out of the house to get some exercise and enjoyment. But dog parks aren’t just for your furry friends; they’re social hubs where pets make pals, owners catch up, and a breeze of fresh air becomes a shared joy.

Neighborhoods that stock doggie-bag stations and washing stations provide ease as well as cleanliness to their residents. Paying for a groomer or getting muddy paws all over the house is a thing of the past!

Proximity to Essentials

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Being close to the essentials isn’t just about saving time; it’s about sanity. Whether it’s work, schools, coffee shops, or that favorite grocery store, having them within arm’s reach makes the weekly errands feel like a breeze. Alternately, being located close to public transportation can help fuel home values by allowing for less car reliance. 

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Future Growth & Development

If the neighborhood isn’t a bustling home just yet, worry not! There is always development happening in our region that aids in providing more amenities to the locals. Ongoing and planned development in the pipeline means that soon in the future, your neighborhood will have that value that well-established neighborhoods already boast. So be on the lookout for major projects and infrastructure improvements in the area!

Exercise Amenities

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With the rise of popularity in sports like pickleball, it’s easy to see why having exercise nearby can benefit your neighborhood. Being able to walk to the sport field would make maintaining your active goals much easier. So whether you are an avid dink-er, play tennis or basketball, or just want to squeeze in some calisthenics, neighborhoods that provide a space to get active will always appeal to residents. Similarly, having a playground for the kiddos to let out their energy goes hand-in-hand with having exercise equipment. If your neighborhood offers outdoor areas for exercise or even gyms in clubhouses, your home’s value will see a bump.

Safety & Security

Nightly patrols or safety-persons can help make your neighborhood fell a greater sense of security. With someone dedicated to watching your streets, you can rest assured (for the most part) that your neighborhood will have someone monitoring for trouble. If your community doesn’t have someone dedicated, you can set up a neighborhood watch program or implement safety initiatives to help!

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Community Events & Gatherings

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Neighborhoods that provide organized events to their residents help foster a sense of belonging and connection. Regular gatherings and activities will help your neighborhood develop relationships that add to some of the points we’ve mentioned already, such as walkability and safety. Knowing who your neighbors are helps create a tight-knit community where you can feel happy and safe being part of. Think block parties, farmer’s markets, charitable events, or something in between!


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