The Best Cooking & Baking Classes in the Sacramento Area
January 26, 2024

The Best Cooking & Baking Classes in the Sacramento Area

A new year, a new you! While many people are busy holding tight to their resolutions on what not to do, many others have shifted focus to incorporate more healthy habits into their lives. For many people, that means cleaning up their diet or exercising more. For others, it means taking up a new sport, like yoga or pickleball. For others still, it means focusing on wellness and self-care.

Many people use the new year as a jumping-off point for self-improvement such as starting a new hobby, learning a new skill, or taking a class. Some of the most popular classes in the Sacramento area are cooking classes! It’s no secret that Sacramento is a foodie town, so it’s no wonder locals want to learn how to chop, braise and blend like a pro.

There are many restaurants, culinary schools, and local markets that offer cooking classes in the Sacramento region. Many private chefs also host cooking classes, or you can arrange for a private class. Sites such as and Classpop feature classes hosted by local chefs on every imaginable dish, from homemade tamales and truffles to curry and coq au vin. Best of all, many of these chefs come to you!

But if you’d like to join a public class, check out some of the offerings below. Following are the best cooking and baking classes in the Sacramento area.

Napoli Culinary Academy | Sacramento

Photo courtesy Napoli Culinary Academy

This local restaurant and culinary school has been offering cooking classes to Sacramento residents for more than 25 years! Led by experienced chefs, the classes focus on a range of styles and cuisines, including Greek, Chinese, Indian, and of course, Italian! They also have a “Cooking with the Movies” series, in which the menu is inspired by popular movies, including Casablanca, the Godfather, the Sound of Music, and more. They also have cooking classes for kids.

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op | Sacramento

Photo courtesy Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op

The Co-op is a great place to get organic produce and all-natural foods, but not everyone knows they also offer a wide selection of cooking classes as well. In fact, they have dedicated classroom space on site where you can learn to make pasta, sourdough bread, paella and more.

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Studio 18 | Various Locations

Can’t decide between learning to dance and learning to cook? This unique studio offers both! You can learn the basics of Latin dance as well as Sardinian-style pasta making at venues across the Sacramento region. You can also book a private lesson or group lesson!

Murer House Foundation | Folsom

This historic property in Folsom preserves the Italian legacy of its original owner through language and cooking classes. You can learn to cook a range of Italian-inspired delicacies, ranging from pasta dishes such as tortellini and lasagna to desserts such as tiramisu and panettone. Classes are kept small so you can interact one-on-one with the instructor, or you can schedule a private lesson.

Faria Bakery | Sacramento & Folsom

Photo courtesy Faria Bakery

With locations in Oak Park and Folsom, this local bakery makes some of the most decadent breads and pastries around. You can learn from the best at one of their classes, which include naturally leavened bread and baguettes, croissants, and canelé, a tender French pastry. Best of all, students all go home with goodies for later!

Davis Food Co-Op | Davis

The Davis Food Co-op also has a teaching kitchen, which offers all types of classes for both adults and kids. You can learn how to make soup, soufflés, sushi, and more, or learn the basics such as knife skills. They also have classes with a seasonal focus, such as summer fruit desserts and fall baking.

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Mikuni | Roseville

True, making sushi isn’t exactly cooking, but it is a great skill to have! Mikuni’s Roseville location offers adult sushi-making classes, in which participants learn the ins and outs of making temaki (California rolls), uramaki (inside-out rolls), and handrolls. They include a sushi-making kit and all the ingredients you need to become your own sushi chef.

Scratch Made Life | Sacramento

Photo courtesy Scratch Made Life

Are you a cheese connoisseur? Ever wanted to make your own? This local cheesemaker, based in North Sacramento, can show you how to make everything from mozzarella to brie, cheddar to gouda. She also teaches classes on pasta, sourdough, and sausage making. You can sign up for one of her group classes or arrange a private class for a group of friends.

Little Chefs World | El Dorado Hills

Have a budding chef in your family? Introduce them to the world of cooking with these kid-centric cooking classes. Offered through the El Dorado Hills Community Services District, the classes teach kids a variety of culinary skills, including age-appropriate food preparation and food safety. They also offer after-school classes at area elementary schools.

The Chubby Cupboard | Carmichael

Photo courtesy The Chubby Cupboard

Based in Carmichael, the Chubby Cupboard is best known for their handmade, small-batch pasta and sauces made from ingredients grown in their backyard garden. But they also host classes where you can learn to make your own artisan pasta. Private classes can be arranged in advance, or you can sign up for a special event, such as a Valentine’s Day couples class.

The Momma Bear Bakery | Folsom

Photo courtesy Momma Bear Bakery

Cinnamon rolls or cake pops? Scones or focaccia? Whatever your preference, you can learn to make it at this little Folsom-based bakery. Hands-on baking classes can show you everything you need to know about baking your own treats. They also have cake decorating classes so you can take your home-baked cakes to the next level.

Williams Sonoma | Roseville & Sacramento

This high-end kitchenware store offers several classes at both their Roseville and Sacramento stores. The classes center on cookware and appliances available for purchase in the store. Upcoming events include food processing using a Vitamix and how to use your KitchenAid stand mixer for meat grinding, pasta, and ice cream.

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