Lyon Real Estate's "U.S. Military on the Move" and "LeadingRE Heroes" Programs: Building Strong Communities
November 3, 2023

Lyon Real Estate’s “U.S. Military on the Move” and “LeadingRE Heroes” Programs: Building Strong Communities

In every community, there are unsung heroes who go above and beyond to ensure our safety and well-being. Lyon Real Estate understands the invaluable contributions of military personnel, veterans, and first responders. That’s why we have partnered with the LeadingRE Companies of the World to introduce two extraordinary programs, “U.S. Military on the Move” and “LeadingRE Heroes,” designed to make a difference in the lives of these remarkable individuals through valuable incentives. 

Lyon Agents who complete the program will receive special certification that will allow them to provide resources for veterans, active-duty service members, those in reserves, and first responders such as paramedics, firefighters, police officers and sheriff’s deputies. These community heroes have supported our society by providing vital roles in public safety and emergency. The impact of these programs goes well beyond financial incentives, reaching the heart of our communities in meaningful ways.

The brave women and men who serve in the military and those who risk their lives as first responders support our communities with heroism. When working with a certified Lyon agent, access to special programs provides the recognition they deserve. This support extends beyond real estate transactions by boosting morale and well-being, and reminds them that their service is never forgotten.

The financial benefits that our certified Lyon agents can access come in the form of rebates given at the close of escrow based on the sales price of a home. Whether buying or selling, these programs make homeownership more accessible and affordable by easing the financial burden.

Homes Priced Below $750,000

Homeownership is a cornerstone of stable communities. Lyon Real Estate’s programs actively contribute to this stability by making homeownership more attainable. By offering financial support, they empower our heroes to take steps towards securing their own homes, laying down roots in the communities they’ve protected.

Homes with Recent Reductions

Lyon Real Estate’s “U.S. Military on the Move” and “LeadingRE Heroes” programs are a testament to the company’s commitment to those who have served our nation and communities. They are more than just real estate incentives; they are a beacon of support, a catalyst for economic growth, and a symbol of the unity that binds our communities. These programs not only make homeownership more attainable but also ensure that our heroes are recognized and appreciated for their vital roles in maintaining public safety and national security.

Learn more about the U.S. Military on the Move” program and the “LeadingRE Heroes” program here. Contact your trusted Lyon agent today!


* You must register with Military on the Move® before contacting a real estate agent and be represented by the assigned real estate firm and agent at closing to qualify.  Other terms and conditions may apply.


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