The Best Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants Near Sacramento
August 30, 2023

The Best Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants Near Sacramento

Whether for health reasons, ethical reasons or environmental reasons, more and more people are turning toward plant-based diets. Even devout meat eaters are jumping on the plant-forward bandwagon, incorporating more animal-free ingredients onto their plates. Chefs are meeting this increasing customer demand, offering not only vegetarian and vegan dishes here and there, but entire menus free of animal products. Some restaurateurs have gone all the way by dedicating their entire restaurant to the plant-based lifestyle.

The Sacramento area is no stranger to vegan and vegetarian restaurants, with longstanding spots such as Sunflower Drive-In, Andy Nguyen and Noble Vegetarian still going strong. Today, meat-free restaurants are springing up in record numbers. So, whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or just want to try some delicious plant-based food, following are some of the best vegan- and vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the greater Sacramento area.


Bambi Vegan Tacos | Midtown

Photo courtesy Bambi Vegan Tacos

Craving south-of-the-border cuisine minus the meat? This modern taqueria in Midtown fits the bill. They offer scrumptious plant-based tacos with all the flavors of their meaty counterparts, such as mushroom-based chorizo and al pastor. They also have non-tacos such as a vegan tuna melt and a sausage sandwich.


My Burma | Davis

Although this popular Burmese restaurant in Davis serves meat, many of the dishes are vegan and are clearly labeled as such. Popular meat-free choices include the fried samosa with curried potatoes, fermented tea leaf salad with peanuts and fried garlic, and fiery tofu with vegetables in a five-spice sauce.


Vegan Plate | Roseville

Photo courtesy Vegan Plate

Burgers or pizza? Tacos or Thai? At this vegan restaurant in Roseville, you can have it all! The menu features a wide range of dishes from across the globe, with choices such as a jackfruit burger, gluten-free soy pepperoni pizza, cauliflower tacos, and drunken noodles. They even have vegan desserts such as cheesecake and brownies!


Timmy’s Brown Bag | Placerville

Names as one of Yelp’s Top 100 U.S. Restaurants of 2023, this eclectic sandwich shop in Placerville is known for its creative concoctions (and intentionally chaotic website). And while they do serve meat, they also have many vegan and vegetarian options on their rotating menu. Selections have included a vegetarian banh mi, Indian vada pav hash brown patty sandwich with spicy chutney, and a house-made falafel sandwich with cucumber tzatziki and sumac and black lime mayo.


Plant Power | Sacramento

Photo courtesy Plant Power

If you’re a fan of quick and satisfying meals, look no further than Plant Power!  Every item on the menu, from juicy burgers and creamy shakes to savory chicken sandwiches and crispy nuggets, is crafted entirely from plant-based ingredients. Located in the vibrant R Street community, this delicious plant-based restaurant is a fresh take on fast food and a must-visit in the Sacramento area.


Mantra | Folsom

The “mantra” at this vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Folsom is to revolutionize how people enjoy Indian food. The unique flavors of India are reflected in the cuisine, which includes salads, soups, curries, dosa and more. Popular dishes include vegan korma with potato and coconut milk, vegan tofu masala, and paneer tikka dosa, a thin rice crepe filled with Indian cottage cheese.


Zest Kitchen | Rocklin

Photo courtesy Zest Kitchen

Not only are the dishes at this Rocklin eatery vegan, they are made with mostly organic ingredients that are naturally gluten free. Offerings have a global influence, including chipotle chickpea tacos with cashew lime sour cream, a raw nori seaweed wrap with toasted sesame seeds and veggies; and a mushroom burger with herb “cheese” sauce.


Curry Kebab Paradise | West Sacramento

Although this popular Indian and Pakistani restaurant in West Sacramento serves meat, they also have a separate vegetarian menu. Meat-free options include dal tharka, yellow lentils with tomatoes, ginger and cumin; and bhindi masala, okra simmered in aromatic spices. They also have appetizers such as samosa and pakora.


Wally’s Pizza Bar | Cameron Park

It can be hard for pizza lovers to find vegan options, but this spot in Cameron Park has an entirely separate vegan menu in addition to their traditional menu! Select salads, pizza and pasta can be made vegan using their signature, dairy-free four-cheese blend, including the pear & gorgonzola, Mediterranean and classic margherita. They also offer gluten-free pizza dough.


Green Grill | Rancho Cordova

Photo courtesy Green Grill by Baagan

Located in Rancho Cordova, this vegan restaurant aims to promote healthier and environmentally conscious foods made from mostly organic, gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients. The diverse menu features dishes such as salad bowls, tacos, and burgers made from sprouted brown chickpeas or mung beans. They also offer ayurvedic teas and desserts, including cheesecake.


Nectar Café | Auburn

This quaint café in Auburn specializes in seasonal, locally sourced, and mostly organic vegetarian and vegan fare. Dishes run the gamut, and include wraps, bowls, sandwiches, and burgers. They also have comfort food such as nachos with dairy or cashew cheese, and tacos filled with mushrooms, vegan chorizo or buffalo cauliflower.


Veg Café & Bar | Midtown

This longstanding vegan eatery in Midtown Sacramento offers a delectable menu that changes with the seasons. Options include dishes such as a cashew korma curry bowl, turmeric chickpea crepe Florentine, or fettuccine alla vodka with Beyond sausage. They also offer brunch dishes such as tofu scrambles and Chick’n & waffles.


Revolution Wines | Midtown

Photo courtesy Revolution Wines

Nestled in the heart of Midtown Sacramento, Revolution Winery & Kitchen stands as a distinctive local craft winery and restaurant, offering an unparalleled culinary journey. Although not exclusively vegan, their dedication to delivering fresh, plant-based options for lunch, dinner, and brunch sets them apart, earning them a special place in the hearts of local vegetarians.

Frequently Asked Questions

What cuisine has the most vegetarian options? Indian cuisine offers countless vegetarian options, such as samosas, channa masala (chickpea curry), and aloo palak (sauteed spinach & potatoes).

What are common vegetarian and vegan food substitutions? Gaining popularity in the vegan and vegetarian communities are using ingredients such as jackfruit, tofu, and tempeh. There are also many vegetarian protein sources like black bean burgers and lentils. Of course, the tried-and-true method is getting a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and fibers in your diet!

How can I start going vegetarian or vegan? You don’t have to go completely cold turkey. Instead, start making a few swaps here and there to dip your toes in, such as cutting out one type of meat or getting rid of dairy. You can try participating in Meatless Mondays to challenge yourself to create fully vegetarian meals until you’re ready to make the full change.


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