Add Value to Your Home with These Summer Upgrades
August 23, 2023

Add Value to Your Home with These Summer Upgrades

As many homeowners can attest, there always seems to be some task around the house that needs attending to: repairs to be made, walls to be painted, gardens to be planted. After all, our homes are where we spend most of our time, so it’s not surprising we want to surround ourselves with beautiful spaces.

But homes are also investments — in most cases, our biggest investment. As such, it’s important to keep our homes in tip-top shape. Adding value to a home is only natural, whether through major remodeling, home additions or upgrading outdated systems.

This time of year, homeowners may be considering upgrades that are suited to the warm weather. Naturally, summer upgrades that add value to your home tend to focus on exterior upgrades, as well as those that keep the indoors comfortable on warm days. If you’re looking to enhance your home’s appeal, following are some summer upgrade ideas that can increase your home’s value.



There are many landscaping tips that add value to your home. In fact, greenery is one of the best ways to add curb appeal to the front of your home and enhance its overall appearance. Colorful flowers and shrubs add pops of color that create a summery vibe and give your home a well-cared-for look.

But improving the landscape isn’t just about aesthetics. Planting shade trees, for example, can keep your outdoor (and indoor) space cool, and there are often rebates available from local utility companies for doing so. In addition, adding pollinator-friendly plants to your landscaping benefits the environment and create a home for wildlife.


Curb Appeal

In addition to landscaping, freshening up the front of your home can also improve curb appeal and therefore add value, which is especially important if you plan to sell your home this summer. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door, replacing broken or old house numbers, and adding new light fixtures can all drastically improve the look of your home. Building a stone or brick walkway can give your front yard a luxe look, as can adding a front porch or deck if you don’t already have one. Replacing your outdated garage door to a modern version can also add value.


Outdoor Living Spaces

The greater Sacramento area prides itself on its moderate weather, so outdoor living is a given pretty much year-round. Outdoor living is a part of, well, life for locals here. If your home lacks an outdoor living area, now is the time to consider adding a deck, patio, porch or other functional space for relaxation and entertainment! These come in all shapes and sizes, from simple patios off a rear door to massive, multi-level decks that take in the natural surroundings. You can also consider adding a shade structure such as a pergola, gazebo or retractable awning to block the sun’s rays during the warmest time of day.


Swimming Pools

The Sacramento area has no shortage of sunshine, meaning many people are looking for swimming pools to cool off. In fact, more than half of homes sold in Granite Bay and El Dorado Hills in 2023 had swimming pools! Adding a swimming pool to your home can significantly increase your home’s value, especially in higher-end homes. Although the installation and ongoing maintenance costs are high, homeowners can typically recoup much of that expense. A poolhouse or outdoor shower can add to the appeal.


Outdoor Amenities

Outdoor living doesn’t have to be limited to a patio or pool. Why not take it all the way and add other amenities, such as a built-in fireplace, a water feature such as a fountain or pond, or a built-in barbecue grill? Diehard entertainers could even consider an outdoor kitchen, complete with a sink, refrigerator and stovetop. Outdoor ceiling fans can keep guests cool, a built-in bar keeps the drinks flowing, and entertainment systems mean you’ll never miss the big game.


Outdoor Lighting

Don’t underestimate the power of lighting! For outdoor living, lighting can really set a mood. Illuminated pathways, garden lights, twinkling string lights, and outdoor chandeliers can all enhance your outdoor space. Spotlights and motion-activated lights can increase safety and security. Solar-powered lights are another cost-effective option.


Energy-Efficient Upgrades

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Another way to add value to your home this summer is to consider upgrades that make your home more energy efficient. One idea to consider is adding solar panels to reduce energy costs. In fact, solar is one of the fastest-growing residential energy sources, with millions of homes powered by some form of solar energy. You can learn more about going solar through the U.S. Department of Energy.

Another energy-efficient upgrade to consider this summer is to upgrade windows and doors to energy-efficient models. Replacing inefficient windows and doors can save you money on utility bills, and there are often tax credits available as well. Another energy-efficient upgrade is to install smart home features. Smart thermostats and lighting controls can not only appeal to tech-savvy buyers, they can reduce energy costs by allowing you to turn down the thermostat and turn off the lights when you’re away from home.

Updating your HVAC is another energy-efficient and cost-effective upgrade that can add value to your home. Old, outdated and underperforming systems work harder to keep your home cool in the summer. By replacing your system with an energy-efficient model, you can save on your energy costs and add value to your home — all while keeping you cool during the hottest months of the year.


In Closing

Before tackling any home remodeling project, it’s important to consider your local market conditions. Your Lyon Real Estate professional can help you determine which projects are right for you based on your home’s value and location, as well as your goals and budget.

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