The Best Food Trucks in the Greater Sacramento Area
June 28, 2023

The Best Food Trucks in the Greater Sacramento Area

Sometimes, you’re in the mood to savor a multi-course meal prepared by the city’s best chefs, white tablecloth and all. Sometimes, you’d rather gather the gang and head to your favorite neighborhood spot for a casual family meal. Other times, you just want to come as you are, kick back on a picnic blanket, and indulge in a quick meal to-go from the window of a food truck.

June 30 marks National Food Truck Day, a time to celebrate the hard-working entrepreneurs who bring your meals to you. These small business owners have followed their passion and are cooking up some of the most innovative cuisine out there. These eateries-on-wheels dish out cuisine with influences from across the globe, much of it with a creative, gourmet spin. Whether you’re craving something savory like barbecue or tacos, or something sweet like shaved ice or waffles, there’s a food truck somewhere in the greater Sacramento area that is sure to satisfy. Following are some of our favorites.


Hefty Gyros


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Hefty Gryos can be found at numerous events across the Sacramento area and beyond. They serve authentic Mediterranean-style dishes such as (you guessed it) gyro, falafel, hummus and pita. Perhaps they’re best known for their hefty fries, topped with meat, tzatziki sauce and Cajun seasoning. Plus, their food is 100 percent halal!




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Mumpy’s serves up all types of hearty, stick-to-your-ribs American fare, much of it with an international twist. Favorites include pepperoni pizza fries, hot chicken sliders and a taco with fillings like pulled pork, braised brisket or potato.

Bubble Cone

What exactly is a bubble cone, you ask? It’s a puffed eggy cone-shaped waffle, stuffed with either savory or sweet ingredients. On the savory side, offerings include Buffalo chicken or mac & cheese, while on the sweet side, choices include ice cream with toppings such as chocolate syrup, crushed Oreos and whipped cream.


West Coast Taco Bar

The roaming truck version of the Elk Grove restaurant serves up the same delicious tacos as the brick-and-mortar spot: classic asada, chicken adobada, Korean steak and garlic shrimp to name a few. You can also try their renowned Bitchin’ Cali Burrito, with carne asada, garlic shrimp, guacamole and chipotle sauce.


Anchored Eats


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Full disclosure: Anchored Eats isn’t technically a food truck. It’s a food boat! Still, it’s arguably one of the most unique mobile eateries in the greater Sacramento area. It’s located in Folsom Lake near Granite Bay, where it serves up burgers, fries and dogs. They also have a snack shack on land.


Boba and Bites


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If you’re looking for a light, Asian-inspired snack or refreshing boba drink, this is the food truck to try. Bites include bao sliders with pork belly, oysters or fried chicken; dumplings, and spiced wings. Boba offerings include flavors such as mango green tea with brown sugar boba and POG with lychee jelly.


Gondo Fusion


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Mexican-Cuban fusion is the name of the game with this popular food truck. In the mood for a burrito? They’ve got that. How about a taco? They’ve got that too. Of course, they also have the classic Havana sandwich with pulled pork, ham, swiss cheese and pickles, plus fried plantains and horchata.


The Lumpia Truck


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Take seasoned chicken, pork or veggies, wrap it in rice paper, fry it up and you’ve got yourself lumpia, a traditional Filipino snack similar to a fried spring roll. The Lumpia Truck offers different varieties of lumpia, served a la carte or over fried rice (or French fries!) and doused with sauce.


Vegan Circus

Based in Nevada City, this vegan food truck specializes in “cruelty-free carnival food.” Offerings include burgers, corn dogs, nachos, funnel cakes and popcorn — all made without animal products of any kind. Ingredients are not only vegan, they are organic and non-GMO. Best of all, 15 percent of profits go to liberating animals in captivity.


Bella Familia Pizza

No food truck roundup would be complete without the most essential of casual cuisine: pizza! This family-run pizza truck serves up wood-fired pizza throughout the area, with classic offerings such as pepperoni, margherita and sausage, all with homemade dough and locally sourced ingredients.


JoJo’s Hawaiian Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is having a moment, but it isn’t just hot chicken that’s getting all the attention. Hawaiian chicken is also popular, and this food truck is one of the best! The sweet and crispy chicken is served up alongside slaw, mac salad or island rice, or even in a sandwich made from — naturally — a King’s Hawaiian bun.


Local Kine Shave Ice

Continuing the Hawaiian theme is Local Kine Shave Ice, a longstanding truck known for their powdery soft sweet treats! Like the shave ice shops in Hawaii, you choose from among dozens of flavors and add toppings such as mochi bits or snow cap (sweetened condensed milk). Nothing is more refreshing on a hot day!




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Voted best food truck in the Sacramento area eight years in a row, Drewski’s is known for their over-the-top pub-style menu items. Popular dishes include a pulled pork sandwich with mac & cheese; seasoned tots with shredded beef and BBQ sauce; and a bacon-wrapped hot dog with sriracha-wasabi aioli.


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