Sell Your Home in the Winter by Playing Up the Coziness
December 2, 2022

Sell Your Home in the Winter by Playing Up the Coziness

Although spring and summer are usually the peak seasons for real estate, there’s no reason you can’t sell your home when the weather turns cool. After all, the greater Sacramento area has relatively mild winters (i.e.: no snowstorms to contend with), and buyers are looking for homes year-round.

One of the best ways to get the most bang for your buck during the winter is to focus on the coziness factor. Similar to the Danish concept of hyggecreating a warm, inviting atmosphere that evokes feelings of contentment — playing up coziness is one of the best tricks for selling in the winter. Following are some tips.


Highlight the Fireplace

Nothing screams “cozy” as much as a crackling fire. If your home has a fireplace, highlighting it as a central feature is one of the best ways to up the cozy factor. If needed, rearrange furniture so the fireplace is the focal point of the room. Clear the mantel and hearth of any clutter, and style the mantel conservatively to direct focus to the fireplace itself.

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Incorporate Texture

For many people, winter means plush blankets and cozy sweaters. You achieve the same sense of warmth by bringing those textures into your home. Use toss pillows covered in faux fur, lay a velour blanket on the sofa or the foot of the bed, or consider a blanket ladder or baskets filled with fluffy throws. Adding rugs in thick, natural fibers can also add warmth to a room.


Use Natural Accents

Skip the slick metal décor and instead incorporate wooden accents to play up the coziness of your home. Wooden bowls, trays and candleholders create a rustic, homey look. Wood-framed mirrors and picture frames are another way to warm up a space, as are natural elements such as rattan baskets, jute rugs and wicker or bamboo lampshades.


Try Warm Lighting

Lighting can also help play up the coziness of your home come winter.  Consider replacing bright, cool bulbs with softer, warmer bulbs. Those marketed as “soft white” are typically more yellow than others, and give off a cozy glow similar to an incandescent bulb. Light-diffusing lampshades, especially those made of natural fibers in off-white or beige tones, can also help. Candles are another way to add a cozy glow.


Play Up the Scent

Scent plays a big role in creating atmosphere. Summertime can have its freshly-cut grass and suntan lotion, but for fall and winter, cinnamon and pine can do the trick. Scented candles are a great way to set the mood, especially in warm, woodsy scents like gingerbread, cranberry, sandalwood, spruce and vanilla. And if all else fails, bake a batch of cookies or a loaf of bread to play up the homey vibe.


Display Fresh Flowers & Greenery

Fresh flowers are usually associated with spring, but seasonal blooms displayed in a decorative vase can also add to the feeling of coziness. Camellias, gardenias, lilies and ranunculus are all cool-weather picks that make for standout arrangements, especially in cozy colors like yellows, reds and oranges. Similarly, house plants can also create a sense of coziness, but skip the cacti and succulents in exchange for flowy pothos or monstera, especially when displayed in clay pots or natural baskets.


Group & Layer Décor

A single bud in a single vase on an otherwise empty table creates a stark vibe. Conversely, a group of three vases atop a stack of books with sprigs of grasses creates a cozier scene, as does a set of three candles on a tray surrounded by natural elements. Group décor in sets of three and consider layering them on trays, books or textiles for an eclectic look. The same goes for rugs — layer a rich throw rug atop a jute or seagrass base for a warmer look.



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