Make Job Relocation Easier with Lyon Real Estate
October 7, 2022

Make Job Relocation Easier with Lyon Real Estate

You’ve submitted your résumé, you’ve had your interview, and now the news you’ve been waiting for: you’ve been offered a new job! But there’s just one small detail: the position requires you to relocate.

Moving isn’t easy, but with Lyon Real Estate on your side, you can focus on the next step in your career rather than the next step in your housing. Lyon’s Global Relocation program can help you find a home in your new town, whether it’s in California, across the nation or anywhere in the world.

Lyon Real Estate is the leading independent real estate brokerage in the greater Sacramento area. As such, it’s also part of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, a strong network of real estate professionals who can help clients relocate outside of their current area.

Finding an agent in an unfamiliar city can be nerve-wracking. Lyon’s relocation program can connect you to a trusted out-of-area agent based on your unique needs. Best of all, the agents are vetted, meaning you save time with seemingly endless online searches. Your Lyon agent facilitates the introduction and interview, and the final decision, of course, is up to you.

Lyon’s relocation services mean you have access to Certified Relocation Professionals who know the ins and outs of selling and buying a home in a new area. They have vast knowledge and experience at their fingertips, which in turn benefits you. And those moving for work have the double benefit of agents who understand corporate relocation.

Lyon Relocation Director Janet Hubbard said Lyon’s relocation specialists have a broad understanding in the field of employee mobility.

“Lyon Real Estate’s relocation team is trained to be an advocate in all aspects of your move,” Hubbard says. “Moving to a new city is disorienting and a relocation expert can reduce your confusion and quickly help you get your feet on the ground.”

Hubbard says a few of the skills an experienced relocation specialist can provide include the following:

  • Accurate city-to-city comparisons for cost of living, housing, schools, entertainment, and other resources
  • Recommendations and evaluations of reputable service providers
  • Counseling on family moves and strategies for reducing the impact on children
  • In-depth and detailed knowledge of the communities they serve and what new residents should know
  • Wide and deep connections with local organizations to help clients join the new community
  • Assistance in a spouse’s job search
  • Essential advice on basic tax and legal implications of corporate relocation

“A relocation specialist can help reduce your stress and anxiety immeasurably when moving away to a new area by aligning you with people who understand that there’s much more to a big move than packing your belongings and filing a change-of-address form with the post office,” Hubbard says.


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Elizabeth Penney

Elizabeth Penney is a content writer for Lyon Real Estate and the Lyon Local blog. A Sacramento native with a marketing background, she shares her insider knowledge on restaurants, attractions and outdoor activities throughout the greater Sacramento area and beyond.