Unique Christmas Decorating Ideas
December 8, 2021

Unique Christmas Decorating Ideas

Nothing against snowmen, reindeer or Santa, but they seem to have a bit of a monopoly on holiday design. Traditional decorations have long been the norm in most homes, but why not shake things up a bit? It’s possible to celebrate the season while at the same time showcasing your own personality and unique style. From boho aesthetics to color schemes that go beyond red and green, there are plenty of ideas out there for unique Christmas decorations. Following are some of our favorites.


Boho Pampas Grass Christmas Tree

Photo courtesy Cuckoo 4 Design

Who says Christmas trees have to be, well, trees? This on-trend idea from Cuckoo 4 Design is made entirely of pampas grass. The result is a one-of-a-kind tree that has all the boho vibes. Displayed with cozy blankets and pillows, and you’ve got a boho wonderland right in your living room.


Rustic Farmhouse Ornament Display

Photo courtesy Our Handcrafted Life

Naturally, Christmas trees are where most of us display our ornaments. But why not think outside the box this year…or inside the box in this case? It’s easy to build a rustic display box for your favorite ornaments using reclaimed wood and chicken wire. Our Handcrafted Life can show you how!


Go Au Natural

Photo courtesy Lemon Thistle

Sure, red and green are the traditional colors of Christmas, but you can also create a seasonal design scheme inspired by nature. Hang fresh-cut sprigs of spruce or pine on mantels, atop framed mirrors and in mini planters for a fresh-from-the-forest look. Combining them with seasonal items in natural tones like copper bells and brown fuzzy stockings (ala Lemon Thistle) creates a woodsy vibe.


A Technicolor Holiday

Photo courtesy At Home With Ashley

There’s no reason why all the colors of the rainbow can’t be utilized during the holiday season! Or so says At Home With Ashley, which features a dazzling display for the season. Colorful bottle brush trees, brilliant stockings and a white Christmas tree with descending rainbow tiers brings a little sunshine to dreary winter days!


Expand Your Decorating Horizons

Photo courtesy Homey Oh My

Interior holiday decorating is usually relegated to the living and dining rooms. Makes sense, as that’s where guests tend to gather. But holiday cheer shouldn’t be limited to those rooms alone. Decorating your bedroom with a mini-tree and other festive accoutrements means you start your day surrounded by the season.


Colorful Salt Dough Ornaments

Photo courtesy Design Improvised

Baking salt dough ornaments is a rite of passage for many kids. After all, the recipe — flour, salt, water — is as simple as it gets. But you can add a personalized touch by painting the finished product in a unique color scheme, in this case, pink and purple. It creates modern ambiance unique to you!

Retro Wine Rack Christmas Tree

Photo courtesy Sadie Seasongoods

How clever is this two-sided tabletop Christmas “tree” created from an old wine rack? Made from bamboo and rattan and spray painted green, it gives off a retro, boho vibe. Small ornaments hung from strategically placed cup hooks turns it into a conversation piece.


Less is More

Photo courtesy Dwell Beautiful

Sometimes a simple design can pack more of a punch than an over-the-top display. Dwell Beautiful did just that, inspired by the minimalist look of Scandinavian style. Clear jars holding single pine boughs top the mantel, accented with winter-inspired banners. An illuminated “JOY” sign ties it all together.


Black & White = Merry & Bright

Photo courtesy Design Improvised

This unique design theme courtesy of Design Improvised celebrates the season in black & white. Black & white ornaments and wooden Christmas trees create a modern tablescape like no other. A sideboard with a black and white sign above adds to the simplicity.


Tropical Holiday Decor

Photo courtesy Sunshine Style Blog

In many parts of the world — half, to be exact — Christmas falls in the summer, not the winter. That means that not everyone celebrates with snowflakes and reindeer. Sunshine Style Blog put together a tropical setup with a redish/orange tree, flamingo tree skirt and beach-themed ornaments. The palm tree wrapping paper adds even more flair.

*Featured photo courtesy At Home With Ashley

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