Make a Statement With Your Walls
February 26, 2021

Make a Statement With Your Walls

Many factors go into great home design: window coverings and flooring, furniture and lighting, and décor and artwork. But what if the walls themselves became the canvas? Enter the accent wall. Painting one wall of a room a bright color or covering it with bold wallpaper has been a trend for decades, offering a hint of personality without the commitment.

But now, many designers are taking the trend one step further by adding unique textures and patterns for a one-of-a-kind look. Statement walls go far beyond paint or wallpaper. Some use wood planks, plants, permanent markers and even tape to create unique designs. Following are some ideas.


Board and Batten Wall

Photo courtesy Happy Together by Jess

A tried-and-true way to add texture to your walls is by using traditional board and batten. But buying it off the shelf can be pricey. Luckily, it’s easy enough to DIY, adding maximum impact with minimum expense. Happy Together by Jess uses tempered hardboard and strips of wood to create an upscale look without the upscale price tag.


Honeycomb Walls

Photo courtesy Vintage Revivals

This bright and colorful honeycomb wall from Vintage Revivals can be tailored to suit any taste. While pinks and oranges are the theme here, you could do it any set of complementary colors or one solid color for a toned-down look. Some strips of thin wood cut to size and attached by a nail gun will take you from blah to bling.


Home Office Accent Wall­­

Photo courtesy Love Create Celebrate

This project by Love Create Celebrate adds texture and visual interest to a home office simply by using strips of MDF board. Cut in eye-pleasing angles, the strips are attached to the wall and painted in a dark green, creating a unique geometric showpiece.


Painted Gold Stripes

Photo courtesy Sugar and Cloth

Paint is, of course, the best way to add color to any wall in your house. But adding a splash of bright color in a unique pattern kicks it up a notch. This project from Sugar and Cloth uses a yellow-gold paint to create a unique stripe pattern on a neutral background. Paired with the pink ceiling, it really makes an impact.


Living Plant Wall

You can bring a bit of the outdoors in by creating a living plant wall in your home. Specially designed planters run the length of your space, or you can rig up your own planters using wood and baskets. It’s a beautiful way to enjoy nature all day long. There are hundreds of different ideas for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


Open Books Accent Wall

Photo courtesy A Beautiful Mess

Book lovers unite! This whimsical wall from A Beautiful Mess uses old hardbacks nailed to a dark blue wall in a Harry Potter-themed bedroom (Ravenclaw, to be exact). The paper airplanes and open pages suggest the feeling of flying and the different shades of paper add visual interest.


Geometric Cedar Plank Wall

Photo courtesy The Bold Abode

This studding statement wall from The Bold Abode looks custom designed, but it’s actually an easy project you can do in an afternoon. Cedar planks, the type used in closets, are cut to precise angles, then attached to the wall like a jigsaw puzzle. The result is a paneled wall like no other.


DIY Sharpie Wall

Photo courtesy Vintage Revivals

Why buy custom wallpaper when you can make your own at a fraction of the cost? This accent wall, also from Vintage Revivals, uses a Sharpie paint pen, a ruler and a very steady hand to create this custom look. Yay indeed!


Reclaimed Pallet Wall

Photo courtesy Genbyg Design via 1001 Pallets

Wood paneling can get pricey, but break down a few old wood pallets and you’ve got yourself an affordable alternative. This look from Genbyg Design via 1001 Pallets takes it a step further by using the sides of pallets, which are often stamped with company names, to create a one-of-a-kind rustic look.


Outdoor Rainbow Wall

Photo courtesy Studio DIY

Statement walls don’t have to be inside. This cheery exterior wall from Studio DIY adds some color to an outdoor space, creating an inviting spot to sit and relax. The hand-painted stripes give an organic feel that perfectly straight lines can’t, thus adding to the laid-back vibe.


Striped Accent Wall With Tape

Photo courtesy Homey Oh My

You can paint your walls, you can wallpaper your walls, but have you ever considered taping your walls? That’s exactly what they did over at Homey Oh My to create this unique striped wall in a home work space. Just a bit of tape and a ruler and you’ve got a simple but dramatic focal point.


Chalkboard Wall

Photo courtesy Old Salt Farm

This unique project from Old Salt Farm is as practical as it is unique! The black pops against the otherwise all-white room, plus it serves as a blank canvas for grocery lists, love notes and kid doodles. It definitely makes a statement!


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