Quick & Easy DIY Holiday Gifts
December 4, 2020

Quick & Easy DIY Holiday Gifts

Scented candles and coffee mugs are great, and who doesn’t appreciate a gift card? But to show your loved ones you really care, nothing beats a homemade gift. The time, thought and effort that goes into making a personalized gift is what makes it so special. But you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to make impressive handmade gifts. In fact, you don’t even have to own a glue gun! Whether your best friend, your mailman or your great-great auntie, the following DIY gifts are easy and inexpensive to make.

Painted Wood Slice Ornaments

Photo courtesy Design Improvised

How cute are these painted wood slice ornaments from Design Improvised? A store-bought stencil and a bit of craft paint is all it takes to give a seasonal flourish to a slice of wood. You can either purchase wood slices at craft stores or use a leftover slice from your Christmas tree!


Peppermint Soap

Photo courtesy Happiness is Homemade

This easy DIY from Happiness is Homemade will get you a seasonally-scented gift in less than 10 minutes! A store-bought soap base is mixed with essential oil and colorants to make this festive, swirly soap. Wrapped with a colorful ribbon, and you’ve got a handmade gift that is sure to impress.


Personalized Stationery

Photo courtesy Average but Inspired

There’s nothing like a personalized gift to make a loved one feel special. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, then this custom stationery from Average But Inspired will be a breeze. Plain paper and envelopes are embellished with fancy fonts and pretty graphics, which you can find for free on sites like Pinterest. You can even mix and match to meet the giftee’s personality and taste.


Bubble Bath Bars

Photo courtesy A Beautiful Mess

Who doesn’t love a relaxing, soothing bubble bath on a chilly winter day? These handmade bubble bath bars from A Beautiful Mess kick your bath game up a notch, filling the tub with fragrant aromas and soothing ingredients. Basic ingredients like liquid soap, shea butter and vegetable glycerin are mixed with whatever essential oil you prefer to create a cute and practical spa gift.


Mini Mountain Photo Holders

Photo courtesy Sugar and Cloth

These adorable photo holders from Sugar and Cloth may look like they’re from a fancy boutique, but they’re actually super simple to make. A little oven-bake polymer clay and some paint (or nail polish!) is all it takes. They’re great not only for holding photos, but also for displaying holiday cards.


Hexagon Ring Dishes

Photo courtesy Homey Oh My

These oh-so-sleek hexagon ring dishes from Homey Oh My may look intimidating, but they’re oh-so-easy. White clay, spray paint and a gold leaf pen come together to make these simple dishes that make great gifts. You can experiment with different designs to come up with the perfect one, or group several together and give them as a set.


Wallpaper Coasters

Photo courtesy The Thinking Closet

These easy wallpaper coasters from The Thinking Closet are sure to impress. Best of all, they can be tailored to suit any taste, from bright and cheery to muted and traditional. Plain tiles from the hardware store are topped with wallpaper samples (or scrapbook paper) and sealed for a quick and easy (and practical!) DIY gift.


Beeswax Candles

Photo courtesy Oh Happy Day

Nothing sets the holiday atmosphere more than a flickering candle. Share the joy with your loved ones by making these simple beeswax candles, courtesy of Oh Happy Day. Simply cut and roll plain beeswax sheets (found at beekeeping supply stores and craft stores), add a wick and tie with some festive string.


Brass Ring Hanging Planter

Photo courtesy A Beautiful Mess

If you’ve got a plant lover in your life, then this easy brass ring hanging planter from A Beautiful Mess would make a great gift. A few gold hoops purchased from a craft supply store are attached to a wooden base, then hung with simple cotton cord. Topped with a small planter (or even a faux succulent) and you have a great handmade gift!


Hand Stamped Wooden Utensils

Photo courtesy The Idea Room

These easy hand stamped wooden utensils from The Idea Room are perfect for the home chef. You can use any inexpensive wooden utensils picked up at a discount shop or home goods store, then stamp whatever festive words come to mind! It requires a basic metal stamp set, which can be picked up from most hardware stores or Amazon for less than $20. They come in all fonts and sizes, so you can make stamped gifts for years to come!


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