Get Small-Batch Wines Delivered to Your Door With The California Wine Club
April 5, 2019

Get Small-Batch Wines Delivered to Your Door With The California Wine Club

Northern California is widely known as an exceptional wine region, hosting some of the world’s finest wineries and winemakers, specifically in the Napa Valley region. With hundreds of renowned wineries producing a continual flow of new wines, keeping your finger on the pulse of the state’s wine culture can be a difficult feat.

If you’ve tried wine club after wine club and are overwhelmed by the many exceptional wineries in our midst, we may have found the solution for you. The California Wine Club offers a variety of membership benefits, all of which include a shipment of artisan wines delivered to your door.


Small Batch Over Mass-Produced

The California Wine Club

Photo Courtesy of The California Wine Club, Featuring Paul Bush of Rucksack Cellars in the Sierra Foothills

The California Wine Club started in 1990 with a simple mission to help artisan wineries share their small-batch wines with wine enthusiasts everywhere. They believed that these wines taste better than the mass-produced wines that dominate store shelves. And we agree!

The team at The California Wine Club visits the wineries, meeting the families and winemakers behind the wines. They then invite them to share their favorite wines with the wine club members. Each wine featured in their five monthly wine clubs comes directly from a real working winery and is proudly backed by the wine club’s Love It Guarantee.

These small wineries handcraft extraordinary wine, but in quantities too limited to be distributed outside their local area. With the help of The California Wine Club, these passionate winemakers are able to introduce their wines to the world.


How Does It Work?

The California Wine Club

Photo Courtesy of The California Wine Club

Each month, California Wine Club members will receive a shipment (or two!) with two of the best wines from the featured winery of the month. The wines are accompanied by Uncorked®, a detailed guide to the wines, which includes personal stories from the winery, tasting notes, pairing tips, and an armchair tour of wine country.


Wine Club Levels

The California Wine Club

Photo Courtesy of The California Wine Club

The club has five different levels with varying benefits, and the option to choose monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly deliveries.


Premier Series Wine Club | Deliveries Start at $40.45

This is The California Wine Club’s original wine club level. It features artisan family wineries handcrafting award-winning California wines in such small batches that they cannot compete for shelf space in stores. Each delivery features two artisan wines from California’s finest wine regions, including Napa and Sonoma, plus places like Monterey, Mendocino, and Santa Barbara. Choose to receive one red and one white wine, two of the same red, two of the same white, two different reds, or two different whites.


Signature Series Wine Club | Deliveries Start at $134

This prestigious club level debuts the best of the best in California wine. Uncover hidden gems, often held in reserve, covered in gold medals, and touting 90+ point ratings, many of which are limited in production and coveted by wine enthusiasts everywhere. Each Signature Series delivery includes two bottles of limited-production and highly rated California wine. Most selections at this level are red with an occasional white. Members may opt to receive two, three or four bottles in each shipment.


International Series Wine Club | Deliveries Start at $71

Take a journey through wine across the globe with the International Series, featuring handcrafted Malbec from Argentina, Bordeaux from France, Riesling from Germany, and more. Each delivery showcases a different country and a new small family winery therein, many with histories dating back hundreds of years. Each delivery includes either two reds or a white and a red.


Aged Cabernet Series Wine Club | Deliveries start at $231

Wine connoisseurs and collectors, look no further. The Aged Cabernet Series Wine Club offers access to some of the state’s finest wines. Time in the cellar transforms a finely made, boisterous young Cab into a magical blend of rich texture, multi-layered flavors, and complex nuances of oak and tannin. Each delivery at this level includes two bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon aged from 8 to 12 years, from some of Napa’s most prestigious producers.


Pacific Northwest Series Wine Club | Deliveries Start at $77

With the Pacific Northwest Series Wine Club, travel north for an adventurous tour in PNW wines. Each wine club delivery brings wines from a new small, artisan winery in Washington and Oregon, two of the country’s most distinguished states for wine production. Choose to receive one red and one white or two of the same reds.


Club Benefits

The California Wine Club

Photo Courtesy of The California Wine Club, Featuring Roblar Winery in Santa Ynez

California Wine Club members enjoy a myriad of additional benefits in addition to their regular wine shipments.

    • Personal wine consultants who get to know your wine preferences.
    • $1 shipping on orders.
    • VIP tours at the featured wineries, plus a travel guide with restaurants, hotels, and recommended stops in California’s wine country.
    • My Wine Cellar: A personalized online wine experience for members to manage and track favorite wines.
    • Wine storage at the club’s temperature-controlled warehouse.
    • 10% off wine club gifts.


Wine Club Gift Subscriptions

The California Wine Club

Photo Courtesy of The California Wine Club

Do you have a wine lover in your life? A membership to The California Wine Club makes for an excellent gift! Treat your recipient to the club’s signature service, incredible wines, and the personal stories from small family wineries in California — and across the globe. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Save on wine club gift subscriptions of 3+ months and enjoy a number of bonuses offered throughout the year.


Library of Featured Wineries

The California Wine Club

Photo Courtesy of The California Wine Club, Featuring Casa Da Coelheira Winery in Portugal

Get to know the many artisan wineries featured by The California Wine Club in the past by exploring their extensive library of featured wineries. You’ll find a mix of wineries from California, Washington, Oregon, and various countries outside the US. Click on each winery for a brief description, the names of the featured wines, and winemaker’s notes.


Resources + Education

The California Wine Club

Photo Courtesy of The California Wine Club, Featuring Stråla Vineyards in Napa Valley

The California Wine Club has decades of experience in the wine industry, making them a valuable resource for all things related to wine. Their Wine Education page features a variety of resources and educational tips, including recipes, terms, a glossary, pairing information, and plenty of helpful information from experts.


What Are You Waiting For?

Begin your journey in California wines, uncovering some of the lesser-known artisan winemakers in our midst — and across the globe. Select a wine club level to get the adventure started!

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