Free Yoga Classes in the Sacramento Area
January 18, 2019

Free Yoga Classes in the Sacramento Area

It’s no secret that yoga has incredible health benefits. The discipline involves the mind, body and spirit through the practice of meditation, breathing exercises and postures. Plus, yoga has an innate ability to bring the community together, as the practice is open to everyone, whether you’ve never tried it before or you consider yourself an expert yogi.

With both personal and global benefits, what can be better than yoga? Free yoga! Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to practice yoga for free in the Sacramento area. In fact, you can easily access an up-to-date list of upcoming classes with a brand new resource, Free Yoga Sacramento, dedicated to providing a list of the free and donation-based yoga and meditation classes in the Sacramento area.


About Free Yoga Sacramento

Free Yoga in Sacramento

Launched in April 2018, Free Yoga Sacramento is an excellent resource for tracking down free yoga classes in the Sacramento area. Whether the class is held in a park, hall or studio, Free Yoga Sacramento ensures you can find classes that best suit your needs.

Founder Amy Fish started Free Yoga Sacramento because she wanted to help her friends and family find free yoga classes in the community. Plus, she benefitted from having the list at her fingertips as well. She realized that everyone could benefit from this free yoga list and began sharing it with the yoga and meditation community. Publishing it on a website helped her begin to reach a larger audience.

Amy strongly believes that yoga should be shared. Her dream is to share her love for yoga with the entire Sacramento area. There are classes for children, older adults, people with disabilities, the LGBT community, veterans, families, and more. Free and donation-based classes make the practice of yoga accessible for everyone.

“I love the Sacramento yoga community because everyone is so friendly,” Amy said. “I also love all of the free weekly yoga classes and special events that we have here. We are so incredibly lucky to have this huge yoga community here in Sacramento!”

Yoga Moves Us is frequently featured on Free Yoga Sacramento. Hosted by Yoga Moves Us, Yoga in the Park is a series of free outdoor vinyasa yoga classes held at various parks during the summer. Yoga in the Park is one of the best ways to practice yoga for free during the summer! But Yoga Moves Us has something going on all year long.


Find Free Yoga Classes in Sacramento

Free Yoga in Sacramento

Check out Free Yoga Sacramento’s up-to-date list of free yoga classes, which includes a comprehensive list of classes, from your traditional yoga class in a studio or park to AcroYoga, “laughing yoga” or a meditation class. You can personalize your search by filtering the class type, day of the week, time of day, or location within the Sacramento area.

The list features a link to the class, information about what to expect, the time and date, the address, and who to contact with questions. You may also download a PDF version of the list if you wish!

For the ultimate free yoga experience, mark your calendars for Sacramento Free Day of Yoga, which occurs on Labor Day each year. This event features a number of free classes scheduled throughout the day across the Greater Sacramento Area. The class schedule will be posted on the website in August.


Ways to Get Involved

Free Yoga in Sacramento

There are several ways to get involved with Free Yoga Sacramento — from financial support to volunteering. This is a great way to give back to this free resource that may have helped you discover free yoga classes in the area!



Free Yoga Sacramento is always looking for volunteers to maintain the Facebook page, Instagram account and website listings, and to distribute flyers around town. Volunteers are able to work in their free time during hours that fit their schedule. To volunteer, send an email to with your name, contact information and availability.



Donations to this volunteer-run labor of love are very much appreciated. Your financial contribution helps cover the website development, advertising, and website hosting. Even a small donation can go a long way in keeping this free resource up and running!


Contribute a Listing

Do you have a free or donation-based class you would like to add to the list on Free Yoga Sacramento? Fill out this form with the details. If you would like to update your existing class, send any changes to


Share the Love

If you’ve found the Free Yoga Sacramento website to be helpful, pass it along to friends and family! Use the share buttons to share the love on social media. Or even share this blog post for a comprehensive introduction to this resource.



If you’re looking for a yoga studio to get connected to, check out some of our favorite yoga studios in the Sacramento area.

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