14 Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes From Sacramento Bloggers
November 7, 2018

14 Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes From Sacramento Bloggers

Preparing a menu for Thanksgiving can be a daunting task. That’s when we usually turn to our favorite local bloggers, who are always coming up with delicious and creative dishes. Take a look at our collection of Thanksgiving dishes — from appetizers to desserts — for some inspiration when creating your menu this year. We included a mix of standard must-haves (like turkey and pumpkin pie) and a few unexpected concoctions (such as Swiss chard slab galette with eggs and sweet potato turkey meatballs).

These Sacramento area bloggers have you covered — whether you’re hosting an enormous dinner or you’re looking for a simple side to bring to Friendsgiving.


Thanksgiving Brussels Sprouts Nachos

From Best Friends For Frosting

Thanksgiving Brussels Sprouts Nachos | Best Friends For Frosting

Photos Courtesy of Best Friends For Frosting

How unique is this? We love this Thanksgiving Brussels Sprouts Nachos recipe from Jessica Potts of A Happy Food Dance, shared on Best Friends for Frosting. Not only is it a colorful and pretty-to-look-at dish, but it is filled with intense flavor — from the jalapeños to the monterey jack cheese, and the Brussels sprouts to the toasted walnuts.


Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Squash & Apples

From Happiness is Homemade

Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Squash & Apples | Happiness is Homemade

Photo Courtesy of Happiness is Homemade

Heidi of Happiness is Homemade incorporates three fall favorites into one healthy and delicious side dish. Plus, it is quite simple to make! She takes you through the steps for roasting sweet potatoes, squash and apples to perfection.


Swiss Chard Slab Galette With Eggs

From Hither & Thither

Swiss Chard Slab Galette With Eggs | Hither and Thither

Photos Courtesy of Ashley Muir Bruhn/Hither & Thither

This savory galette is the perfect way to tide guests over (without spoiling any appetites!) as you wait for dinner. This delicious galette is made with white onion, garlic, thyme, Swiss chard, eggs, and a few other simple ingredients!


Mom’s Roast Turkey

From Simply Recipes

Mom’s Roast Turkey | Simply Recipes

Photo Courtesy of Elise Bauer, SimplyRecipes.com

You can have all the side dishes and desserts you want, but what is Thanksgiving without the turkey? Elise of Simply Recipes shares her mother’s tried and true turkey recipe. The best way to prepare it, she says? Roast it breast-side down.


Sweet Potato and Yukon Gold Bake

From Simply Recipes

Sweet Potato and Yukon Gold Bake | Simply Recipes

Photo Courtesy of Elise Bauer, SimplyRecipes.com

This sweet potato and yukon gold bake is the perfect side for any holiday meal! This festive dish alternates the flavors and vibrant colors of sweet potatoes and buttery yukon gold potatoes, all of which rests on a bed of sweet caramelized onions.


Perfect Mashed Potatoes

From Simply Recipes

Perfect Mashed Potatoes | Simply Recipes

Photo Courtesy of Elise Bauer, SimplyRecipes.com

Speaking of potatoes, if you’re looking for the perfect recipe for mashed potatoes — look no further! Elise of Simply Recipes takes you through the steps to make the perfect creamy mashed potatoes — using just yukon gold potatoes, cream, butter, milk, salt and pepper.


Cranberry Harvest Turkey Salad

From Dinner, Then Dessert

Cranberry Harvest Turkey Salad | Dinner, Then Dessert

Photo Courtesy of Dinner, Then Dessert

Add a bit of freshness to the tablescape with this delicious cranberry harvest turkey salad, made with arugula, turkey breast, cranberries, gorgonzola and walnuts. The salad is topped with a delicious and easy-to-make balsamic vinaigrette to round out the flavors!


Corn Pudding

From Dinner, Then Dessert

Corn Pudding | Dinner, Then Dessert

Photos Courtesy of Dinner, Then Dessert

This creamy corn pudding is a nostalgic side dish made with just a handful of ingredients. It is a creamier version of your typical corn casserole or corn soufflé, and is made without any flour! The pudding is super simple to make for Thanksgiving or any holiday meal, as there is no prep time required.


Apple Pie Baked Brie

From Well Floured

Apple Pie Baked Brie | Well Floured

Photos Courtesy of Well Floured

This apple pie baked brie tastes as good as it sounds. It’s an easy crowd pleaser for pre-dinner snacking on Thanksgiving — and any fall occasion, really! Make this in just 30 minutes with a sheet of puff pastry, brie, and apple pie filling.


Pumpkin Spiced Latte Ice Cream

From One Hot Oven

Pumpkin Spiced Latte Ice Cream | One Hot Oven

Photos Courtesy of One Hot Oven

Bring your favorite fall latte order to the dessert table with this pumpkin spiced latte ice cream! Jere of One Hot Oven shows how to create your very own homemade ice cream filled with delicious spices and ingredients, including cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, espresso powder, vanilla, and more.


Classic Pumpkin Pie

From Crazy for Crust

Classic Pumpkin Pie | Crazy for Crust

Photos Courtesy of Crazy for Crust

Dorothy of Crazy for Crust is known for her iconic recipes usually made with a crust. So who better to turn to for a classic pumpkin pie recipe? Dorothy shares her mom’s special pumpkin pie she has made every year at Thanksgiving!


Sweet Potato and Turkey Meatballs

From Clever Housewife

Sweet Potato and Turkey Meatballs | Clever Housewife

Photo Courtesy of Clever Housewife

These delectable sweet potato and turkey meatballs can act as a side dish or a holiday appetizer to snack on throughout the afternoon. Simply pair these bite-sized meatballs with a good ranch dip, and you’ve got a crowd-pleaser that guests will keep coming back to.


Pumpkin Risotto

From Love & Risotto

Pumpkin Risotto | Love & Risotto

Photo Courtesy of Love & Risotto

Encompassing their namesake, Love & Risotto created this delectable pumpkin risotto. Each bite of this creamy dish tastes just like fall, and additional fall ingredients could be added to increase the comfort levels — like walnuts, sage or pine nuts! This versatile dish could be served as a major player in your spread or as a small side dish.


Cauliflower Stuffing Bake

From Love & Risotto

Cauliflower Stuffing Bake | Love & Risotto

Photo Courtesy of Love & Risotto

Put a unique twist on a favorite Thanksgiving dish with this cauliflower stuffing bake from Love & Risotto. This savory and flavorful stuffing can be enjoyed as a side or as a main dish. Plus, the main ingredient is cauliflower, which makes it a bit more healthy than your average stuffing!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Dinner is served! What recipes are you planning to try this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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