The Best Neighborhoods in the Sacramento Area to See Holiday Lights
December 4, 2017

The Best Neighborhoods in the Sacramento Area to See Holiday Lights

There are a variety of places to see stunning holiday light displays this year, including festive events and neighborhoods throughout the region.

However, it’s not always easy to find neighborhoods where the entire block has worked together to create an impressive display. That’s where we come in! Below you’ll find our guide to a few of those well-known streets decked out in holiday glow — so you can minimize time spent driving around the city and maximize quality time spent with loved ones.

Sacramento Area Holiday Lights Neighborhoods


Dovewood Court, Orangevale


This street in Orangevale has been attracting visitors for years during the holiday season. In fact, they even have a Yelp page for their annual holiday lights with perfect five-star ratings across the board. All 18 houses on this street participate in an extravagant display with inflatables, music, handmade props and scenes, and of course, lots of lights. As with most neighborhoods on this list, it is best to stroll through Dovewood Court so you can fully examine each intricate display with many moving parts. And don’t forget to bring nonperishable food items for their donation drive for local charities.


Fab 40s, Sacramento


No matter what day it is, the Fab 40s neighborhood is a sight to see. But during the holiday season, this historic neighborhood in East Sacramento is especially jaw-dropping. Head to this enclave of spectacular and charming homes from 38th through 49th Streets between J and M Streets (or all the way to Folsom Boulevard, depending on who you ask). Many streets in the Fab 40s neighborhood have lights wrapped around tree trunks and draped across the street, and of course, beautiful lighted homes perfectly adorned in holiday decor. Check out the neighborhood’s holiday light Yelp page for insider tips and the positive reviews from visitors in years past.


53rd and S Streets, Sacramento


This small loop of homes in the historic Elmhurst neighborhood goes big during the holidays. The street usually has illuminated arches lining the sidewalks, an “Alice in Wonderland” scene, fun characters, and even hot chocolate and a photo opportunity. The enclave of 53rd and S Streets, just off T Street, is a must-see this time of year.


Orelle Creek + Allene Creek Courts, Citrus Heights


This quiet enclave in Citrus Heights receives quite the attention this time of year! Head to Orelle Creek Court (plus a little detour into the Allene Creek Court cul-de-sac) to see more than 20 homes decked out with festive lights and charming displays. Visitors are instructed to enter the neighborhood by the 50-foot redwood tree with a bright star on top, located on the left side as you are entering Orelle Creek Court. But park far enough away to avoid traffic!


Ainger Circle, Sacramento


Head to the northern portion of Ainger Circle in the Natomas area for a spectacular collection of decorated homes. You will discover inflatables, Nativity scenes, characters, and lots of lights. There will even be a luminary display on Christmas Eve, weather permitting!


Pebble Creek Drive + Strand Road, Rocklin

Pebble Creek Drive Location + Strand Road Location

In 1995, neighbors Rusty Nelson and Steven Givens started a small Christmas light display to enter a contest as a neighborhood, as they needed three participating homes in order to enter. By 1998, over 75 homes along Pebble Creek Drive had joined in! And today, there are well over 100 participating homes carrying on this tradition on Pebble Creek Drive and Strand Road, which together form a rectangular loop. And better yet, many of the homes are Disney-themed! See this spectacular display of teamwork and tradition, and don’t forget to bring canned food to donate to local charities in bins located at several of the houses.


May your days be merry and bright!

Have an insider tip? Let us know which Sacramento area neighborhood has the best light displays!

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