The 9 Best Family Photographers in Sacramento
May 11, 2017

The 9 Best Family Photographers in Sacramento

It’s no secret — time goes incredibly fast. Before you know it, a full year has flown by, and then 10 years. We always find ourselves saying things like, “Wait, wasn’t that just yesterday?” and “How did you grow up so fast?” While there’s no way to slow it, an amazing family portrait session allows you to freeze time for just a moment — and hang it on your wall.


Choosing a stellar photographer is the first step. Sacramento is filled to the brim with talented artists, which is good for options, but makes the process a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite family photographers in the area to get you started. Each photographer has a unique viewpoint and distinct personality, so flip through a few galleries before you decide on the professional that is right for you!


Amy Schuff Photographer

Sacramento Family Photographer

Photo courtesy of Amy Schuff

Amy Schuff is as talented as she is approachable, with a stunning portfolio to prove it. You’ll find her own kids are the subjects of some of her photos — she’s a mom of three with a passion for capturing the little moments. She’ll photograph anything from newborns and families to weddings and portraits, all with a tough-to-achieve artistic flair.


Katherine Vess Photography

Sacramento Family Photographer

Photo courtesy of Katherine Vess

Katherine Vess has been in the industry since 2009, capturing what she calls “California’s newest and tiniest residents.” Whether your baby is a tiny bun in the oven or a lovable bundle of joy, Vess is dedicated to stopping time and capturing the sweetest of moments. If your family is about to gain a new member, consider flipping through her galleries.


Melissa Babasin Photography

Sacramento Family Photographer

Photo courtesy of Melissa Babasin

Melissa Babasin works alongside her husband to capture true joy and happiness in her photos. As a mother of three, she understands the family dynamic. Her photos are soft, natural and heartfelt, and she is notorious for making her subjects feel at ease in front of the camera — so much so that she often ends up becoming friends with them!


Jill Carmel

Sacramento Family Photographer

Photo courtesy of Jill Carmel

Jill Carmel worked in the Los Angeles photography industry for eight years before finding her perfect equation for happiness, kids plus art. She now specializes in family photography in the Sacramento area, capturing joy in her day to day life. How’s that for a dream job? Her photos are colorful, unique and full of light — worthy of a treasured spot on your wall for many years to come.


Monica S. Photo

Sacramento Family Photographer

Photo courtesy of Monica S. Photo

Artistic, stunning and just plain happy — these are the words that come to mind when flipping through Monica S. Photo’s family portfolio. She captures everything from newlyweds to newborns, and brings a her unique flair and patience to every shoot. Typically, families who choose this photographer for one shoot end up coming back to her year after year — she’s just that good.


Rachelle Photography

Sacramento Family Photographer

Photo courtesy of Rachelle Photography

There are more than a few photos in Rachelle’s family portfolio that will make you giggle — as she’s perfected the art of capturing those perfect, lovingly awkward, and real moments that make a family what it is. This stellar family photographer has been in the business more than 17 years now, making magazine covers and beautiful memories to boot. Book her if you’re looking for a shot of that perfect candid moment to frame above your fireplace!


Mischa Photography

Sacramento Family Photographer

Photo courtesy of Mischa Photography

Their shared love for photography is part of what brought this husband and wife team together. Both Mischa and Brianne Purcell have fine art backgrounds and have been taking pictures of anything and everything from an early age. The experience shines through in their photos, which are colorful, artistic and emotive.


Love Light Jules

Sacramento Family Photographer

Photo courtesy of Love Light Jules

Jules’ passion for photography truly shines through in her photos. She aims to capture the story of your life, your love and your family, and harness it into a physical memory that can be cherished forever. And judging by her photo galleries, which are full of light and lots of smiles, she’s pretty darn good at it!


Mayumi Acosta

Sacramento Family Photographer

Photo courtesy of Mayumi Acosta

Mayumi Acosta specializes in emotive and creative portraits from the heart. Her portfolio stands apart from the rest with dramatic lighting and artistic touches, both of which transform the photographs into a true work of art. She’ll make your family feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the lens, and get you some gorgeous images as a result.


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