10 Reasons You Should Make the Move to Sacramento
May 30, 2017

10 Reasons You Should Make the Move to Sacramento

Moving can be a stressful experience. However, when you know you’re moving to a top-notch place, all those worries seem to disappear. (Having an experienced realtor on your side helps a lot too, but we’ll get to that later…)

Sacramento is proven to be an incredible place to live. If you’re considering a move to the city, look over the reasons we think this is a wonderful idea. If you already live in Sacramento, these qualities will help affirm your decision — plus, you can send this to your friends in other cities you want as neighbors!


1. It’s an Incredible City to Work In

Moving to Sacramento, California
Employment is typically one of the most important factors when working through the details of a move. If you don’t have a job lined up when you park your U-Haul in your new driveway, you may be in for a stressful transition. Thankfully, Sacramento is considered one of the best cities to work in. In fact, it consistently appears on prestigious lists ranking the best cities for employment, including Indeed’s 2017 list of the best cities for job seekers. It scores particularly high for work-life balance and salary, which are important factors to many. As the state capitol, it is understandable that the major industry in Sacramento is government, which accounts for nearly 25 percent of all employment in the city.


2. It’s Relatively Affordable


It’s no secret that California is an expensive state. When compared to the cost of living in other major cities in the Golden State, Sacramento fares quite well. According to Sperling’s BestPlaces, Sacramento has a cost of living 56 percent less than San Francisco, which has housing costs 75 percent higher than Sacramento. Similarly, Sacramento’s cost of living is approximately 27 percent less than that of Los Angeles, which has housing costs 52 percent more than Sacramento. If you’ve always dreamed of living in California, Sacramento may be your answer.


3. The Weather is Divine

Moving to Sacramento, California

Although we have had an uncharacteristically rainy winter and spring, Sacramento has gorgeous weather throughout the year. We enjoy the luxury of diverse seasons, with temperatures dipping down to the 30s during the winter and reaching the 90s throughout the summer. Sacramento’s summer heat is often moderated by a light breeze, or the “delta breeze” that travels from the San Francisco Bay, which significantly cools temperatures at night.


4. It is Close to Some of California’s Best Attractions

Moving to Sacramento, California

Our central location within the state means we are a short distance from a number of notable attractions. After a mere two-hour drive, you can be enjoying lunch overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. With a two-hour drive in the opposite direction, you can access the refreshing waters of Lake Tahoe or go skiing in the surrounding mountains. With an even shorter drive, Sacramentoans can access some of the finest vineyards, wineries and hot springs in the Napa Valley region. In whatever direction you travel, you can explore a myriad of both natural and manmade wonders of this beautiful state.


5. It Has Amazing Surrounding Communities

Moving to Sacramento, California

For many, living in the heart of a busy city is less attractive. Thankfully, Sacramento has a collection of charming and laid-back communities surrounding its downtown area. You can settle down in a quiet neighborhood with its own collection of eateries and shops in a historic downtown, while still maintaining proximity to the heart of Sacramento. Even one of the region’s most distant communities, Auburn, is just 30 miles northeast of the city.


6. Farm-to-Table Food is Everywhere

Moving to Sacramento, California

Not only is Sacramento the capital of California, the city serves as America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, due to the region’s year-round growing season, ideal climate and mouth-watering bounty of crops. Sacramento is situated amongst 1.5 million acres of farms and ranches growing more than 160 crops for both local and global markets. This robust farming community translates to bustling farmers’ markets and delectable farm-to-table meals available at just about every restaurant in the Greater Sacramento Region.


7. Housing Is a Valuable Investment

Moving to Sacramento, California

Due to the city’s growing popularity, it is rapidly becoming a more expensive place to call home. However, that potential “con” can be turned into a “pro” if you view housing in Sacramento as a valuable investment. Getting involved in this hot real estate market now could prove to be a wise decision down the road, if trends continue in the upward direction as expected. If the time comes to sell down the road, you’ll be pleased to discover that Sacramento area home sales are particularly solid at the moment, as the region is experiencing a lower inventory.


8. It Has a Lively and Creative Community


There is always something going on in and around Sacramento. While Downtown Sacramento keeps a busy event schedule, each surrounding community has its own set of activities throughout the year. In neighborhoods like Midtown, Land Park and Davis, the young, creative and artistic culture keeps things fresh and exciting. In fact, young professionals love Sacramento and its surrounding communities for these qualities and more.


9. It Is Very Dog-Friendly

Moving to Sacramento, California

If you have a fur baby — or two or three — dog-friendliness plays a major role in your residential decisions. Factors like a large fenced yard, proximity to a dog park, and nearby dog-friendly establishments are certainly discussed when searching for a home or apartment. There are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants and bars in the Sacramento area, in addition to a number of dog parks scattered throughout the city — and even more in surrounding communities. As far as the fenced yard goes, that brings us to our final point…


10. You Have Lyon Real Estate On Your Side

Moving to Sacramento, California

While you’re busy booking the U-Haul, finalizing employment paperwork, setting up a forwarding address, packing up your old house, and the other menial tasks of moving, you will have someone working tirelessly on your behalf here in Sacramento. Our agents aspire to make your transition as seamless as possible, taking care of the sometimes complicated details to ensure you find the home perfect for you. Not only do they know the local market and industry lingo, they are extremely knowledgeable about the communities they serve. Connecting with a Lyon agent means obtaining detailed information about the local schools, best restaurants, predicted housing trends, and so much more.


What Factor(s) Matter Most to You?

Did we miss something that you’re still pondering in your decision to move? Maybe we can help answer your questions or concerns. Whatever it is, we’re here to help you with your move!

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