What These Sacramento Interior Designers Want You To Know About The Latest Design Trends
March 24, 2017

What These Sacramento Interior Designers Want You To Know About The Latest Design Trends

There is no better source for understanding the latest in industry trends than a local professional working in that field day in and day out. That’s why we turned to some talented local interior designers to get the inside scoop on the heartbeat of home design at the moment. They shared with us some of their favorite interior design trends and how they personally have incorporated them into their projects.

Explore these inspiring spaces and find out how you can bring these looks into your own home, whether it’s by simply adding a throw pillow or completely re-tiling your shower wall! And if the latter occurs, you may want to keep these local experts in mind…


Concrete + Deco Tiles

Concrete and deco tiles can bring so much life into a space, through color, texture or a soothing repeated pattern. Kristen of Kristen Elizabeth Design particularly loves how technology influences 2017 design trends, especially when it comes to floor and wall tiles.

“We go gaga over concrete and deco tiles,” Kristen said. “[They] make a big impact in small spaces. Our favorites include globally inspired patterns with bold colors and wall tiles with three-dimensional surfaces.”

Kristin Elizabeth Designs

Photos courtesy of Kristen Elizabeth Design

Some of their favorite looks include this bright and refreshing blue tiling on a bathroom floor, and the three-dimensional wall they installed in a modern shower. It is reminiscent of the ebb and flow of tides, providing a true sanctuary in this luxurious bathroom.


Light + Bright Kitchens

Bright white kitchens are back on center stage, according to Anne Sacco Interiors.

“After the darker Tuscan colors, people are ready to brighten their space and create a more cheerful feel,” Anne said. “But avoid being outdated by using new materials and adding touches of color, like in select pieces of cabinetry, lighting, tiles or doors.”

Anne Sacco Interiors

Photos courtesy of Anne Sacco Interiors

In this light kitchen, Anne and her team added colorful antique tiles to grab attention next to white tiles that beautifully contrasts the black range and dark countertop below. The whimsical yet elegant tile patterns provide a tremendous amount of interest in this space.

The kitchen’s barn door adds a beautiful touch of blue that complements the white cabinets to the left and gray cabinets in the butler’s pantry to the right.


Reclaimed Materials

Anne Sacco Interiors is also prone to incorporate reclaimed materials into their designs.

“Consumers have become active in their quest for reclaimed products,” Anne said. “Some are looking for an eco-friendly option while others are looking for the warmth and patina that aged products can provide.”

Anne and her team incorporated reclaimed materials in the following projects…

Anne Sacco Interiors

The collection of tiles in front of this tub was scraped off old buildings in France and transported to create a beautiful and unique design in this warm Northern Californian master bathroom. Additionally, the interior of this gorgeous fireplace was made with reclaimed brick.

Anne Sacco Interiors

Photos courtesy of Anne Sacco Interiors

This all-walnut study is complemented by reclaimed wood flooring laid in an attractive herringbone pattern. This outdoor space is full of reclaimed materials, from the rustic wood between the beams to the weathered bricks on the ground.


High Contrast

“From a black and white color palette to bold patterns and metallic finishes, high-contrast design is making its way onto the scene in 2017,” shares Kerrie of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab.

Kerrie Kelly Design Lab - High Contrast

Photo courtesy of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

We are thrilled! This look is both bold yet simple to achieve. Contrasting colors, materials, and patterns add visual interest and dimension to otherwise flat room scenes. Kerrie Kelly recommends mixing organic prints with a solid stripe, or a high-shine material with something matte to keep the look interesting and balanced.


Brass in the Bathroom

The Kerrie Kelly Design Lab team also loves adding brass finishes to their bathroom designs. While metallic finishes like polished nickel and chrome have always been in the bathroom, brass has come to the forefront as of late.

Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

Photos courtesy of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

“This luxe-looking material offers high shine with a livable look, adding a hint of glamour wherever placed,” Kerrie explained. “Use it to frame mirrors, add a touch of glimmer to a vanity, or make your shower and bath combo feel more luxurious.”


Keep in Mind When Considering Trends

Laura of PepperJack Interiors shares several tips to keep in mind when considering interior design trends. She warns, “Be Aware of Trends, Beware of Trendy.”

“Knowing what’s hot and what’s not can be invaluable in designing your interiors,” she explained. “But you can also sabotage a space, and your finances, by jumping into something you constantly see on Pinterest, HGTV, or even all those home furnishings catalogs in your mailbox.”

White Table

DOs for Working Trends Into Your Home:

  • DO include current trendy throw pillows on sofas or beds; they are easy and relatively inexpensive to switch out as trends change.
  • DO freshen up your silk floral arrangements with trendy florals and foliage bringing in current colors and textures.
  • DO consider updating entry, kitchen and dining room decorative light fixtures with of-the-moment fixtures. You’ll be surprised how a change in light fixtures can change the tone of an entire room.

DON’Ts for Working Trends Into Your Home:

  • DON’T rush to paint your walls or cabinets with the latest color trends. That is unless you are prepared to evaluate and possibly change the hard finishes in your home. Hard and relatively permanent finishes like tile, stone, and hardwoods will set the proper color undertones for any fresh paint.
  • DON’T invest in trendy tile backsplash materials that will be outdated within a few years.
  • DON’T invest in of-the-moment hardwood/tile flooring, opting instead to stay with classic colors and finishes that transcend the trends. Do treat your flooring selection as a canvas on top of which trends can take place, such as area rugs and even the occasional trendy chair.


What trend do you have your eye on?

We would love to know all about your favorite look and how you’re incorporating it into your home!

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