The 20 Best Lunches Under $10 in the Sacramento Area
February 16, 2017

The 20 Best Lunches Under $10 in the Sacramento Area

While the Sacramento area has some of the finest dining establishments in the country, that doesn’t mean we have to splurge with every meal. In fact, there are plenty of eateries in town that offer reasonable lunch menu prices!

Whether you’re searching for a weekday lunch break between meetings or a weekend lunch date, it’s nice to get a delicious meal for less than $10. Check out the many options for an affordable lunch at some of our favorite local restaurants!


1. Sourdough & Co.

A Must-Try: Garlic Pesto Turkey Sandwich | $7.35

Sourdough & Co. serves some of the best sandwiches, soups, and salads around — at each of their four locations. Whether you’re in El Dorado Hills, Auburn, Roseville, or Elk Grove — you can depend on the quality of their sandwich creations.

2. Anna’s Vegan Cafe

A Must-Try: Grilled Delight | $4.95

Anna’s Vegan Cafe is one of our favorite vegan eateries in the area. This popular cafe in southeast Sacramento serves an abundance of fresh vegetables and creative combinations, and their lunch menu is extremely affordable. Every lunch item is priced at $4.95, and even comes with their soup of the day. Lunch is served at Anna’s Vegan Cafe from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. every day.


3. Chando’s Tacos

A Must-Try: 3 Tacos | $5.97

Chando's Tacos

Photo Courtesy of Chando’s Tacos

Since the beginning, Chando’s Tacos has strived to craft authentic corn tortillas based on Mexican tradition. Whether you get a burrito, tortas, tacos, mulitas, tostadas or a quesadilla, you will experience tantalizing flavor and quality ingredients. Get three tacos of your choice for a diverse and inexpensive lunch at any of their four locations throughout Sacramento and Roseville!


4. Boon Boon Cafe

A Must-Try: Cashew Nut Chicken | $7.95

Boon Boon Cafe is a modern eatery serving classic Thai fare, such as spicy curries, noodle dishes and other delicious plates. Items on their lunch menu cost just $7.95 when ordered from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. every weekday! Plus, every entree comes with rice and a house salad. Boon Boon Cafe dishes up a complete and delicious lunch for a very reasonable price!


5. Buckhorn Grill

A Must-Try: Tri-Tip Burger | $8.99

Buckhorn Grill is a regional chain known for their exceptional meats in the form of burgers, sandwiches, and of course, steaks. They are known for their delicious tri-tip burger which costs just $8.99! This affordable and delicious lunch will keep you coming back to Buckhorn Grill again and again — at any of their locations in the area.


6. Cafe Bernardo

A Must-Try: Niman Ranch Angus Burger | $9.25

Cafe Bernardo is inspired by the European tradition of cafe dining, and serves high-quality food at a very reasonable price. Plus, their four locations in Sacramento and one in Davis makes it easy to access no matter where you are! Their Niman Ranch Angus Burger comes with iceberg lettuce, house-made pickles, tomato, red onion and JB’s special sauce.

7. Jacks Urban Eats

A Must-Try: Pesto Chicken Sandwich | $9.75

Jack's Urban Eats Elk Grove, CA

Photo Courtesy of Jacks Urban Eats

Jacks Urban Eats in Elk Grove is an urban cafeteria serving award-winning, farm-fresh and affordable meals in a hip and laid-back atmosphere. Their innovative kitchen crafts delicious salads, sandwiches and plates that are priced around the $10 mark. However, all of their sandwiches are under $10, so you can try all of their creative combinations over time without breaking the bank.


8. Baked & Brewed

A Must-Try: The Really Big Salad | $7

In addition to their delicious specialty coffee drinks, Baked & Brewed in Auburn serves a variety of bagels, pastries, salads, and sandwiches. Their “Really Big Salad” is exactly as the name implies, and you can choose your favorite six ingredients from an extensive list of options! After your satisfying and inexpensive lunch, take a stroll through the charming Old Town area dotted with shops and other local businesses.


9. Crepeville

A Must-Try: Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich | $8.25

Who says crepes should only be sweet and served for breakfast? Crepeville is a family-owned restaurant serving savory crepes (in addition to the well-loved sweet ones!) at their two locations in Midtown and Davis. Get a grilled chicken breast sandwich for just $8.25 and order a side, or save room for a dessert crepe!


10. Orchid Thai Restaurant + Bar

A Must-Try: Chicken Peanut Sauce Stir Fry | $9.95

Orchid Thai Sacramento

Photo Courtesy of Orchid Thai Restaurant + Bar

Orchid is another delicious Thai restaurant in the area, serving up authentic plates in a lovely setting. Stay just under the $10 limit with their noodles, stir fry, or fried rice plates made with chicken, beef, pork, tofu or mixed vegetables. Check out their menu to see the endless options for your meal!


11. The Coconut

A Must-Try: Chicken Pad Thai | $8.95

The Coconut in Midtown is one of the best sources for authentic Thai food around, especially since most of their dishes are under $10. Their fresh ingredients and organic meat options make dining at The Coconut an even more pleasant experience.


12. The Federalist Public House

A Must-Try: Prosciutto Sandwich | $8

The Federalist is a restaurant built out of shipping containers with large communal tables and an area to play bocce. But perhaps their most notable feature is their delicious menu featuring salads and sandwiches under $10. Their delicious prosciutto sandwich includes lemon dijon vinaigrette, goat cheese, red onion and arugula. Or splurge on one of their amazing pizzas made from their signature neapolitan sourdough crust!


13. Peach Cafe

A Must-Try: Greek Salad Sandwich | $6.95

Peach Cafe is the new kid on the block in Folsom, offering delicious and healthy food and drinks in their cheerful and laid-back setting. This vegetarian cafe serves a variety of options for breakfast and lunch, including smoothies, fruit and granola, salads, sandwiches, and of course — coffee.


14. PizzaRev

A Must-Try: Craft-Your-Own Pizza | $8.25

PizzaRev Sacramento

Photo Courtesy of PizzaRev

The beauty of PizzaRev is the ability to craft your own personalized pizza to include all of your favorite ingredients! Head to their Sacramento location or simply order online to streamline your pickup experience during their busy lunch period.


15. Pushkin’s Bakery

A Must-Try: Spicy Adult Grilled Cheese | $6.99

Believe it or not, Pushkin’s Bakery is a wheat, gluten and dairy-free dedicated bakery. While they have an amazing selection of baked goods, their lunch menu is delicious as well. Their breakfast, meat and vegan sandwiches are all under $10 and each one is worth a try!


16. Blue Nami Sushi

A Must-Try: Hiro Bento Lunch Box | $9.95

This high-end sushi eatery offers delicious sushi rolls at each of its three locations in Orangevale, Folsom and Roseville. While their rolls cost more than $10, they have a Hiro Bento lunch box with your choice of two items for $9.95. Each lunch box is served with soup, rice and a salad.


17. Steamers

A Must-Try: Half Chicken Salad Sandwich + Small Green Salad | $7.95

Steamers is the perfect place to relax and grab a bite to eat while shopping and sightseeing in Old Sacramento. This quaint cafe was originally established in 1994 as a coffee house, but has since expanded to serve full breakfast and lunch menus, and even beer and wine. Get a lunch combo of a soup and salad for $7.45, or a half sandwich with a soup or salad for $7.95!


18. Queen Sheba Ethiopian Cuisine

A Must-Try: Vegetarian + Vegan Buffet | $9.75

Queen Sheba Sacramento

Photo Courtesy of Queen Sheba Ethiopian Cuisine. Photographer Isabel Ollinger.

Queen Sheba Ethiopian Cuisine is another one of our favorite vegetarian/vegan spots in the area, particularly for their incredible and affordable vegetarian & vegan buffet served from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. every weekday. For just $9.75, you get your choice of six delicious vegetarian/vegan entrees to sample from, and many other authentic Ethiopian side dishes.


19. The Sandwich Spot

A Must-Try: Triple Play | $7.99

While The Sandwich Spot is a renowned chain throughout California and Nevada with over 30 locations, it started right here in Midtown Sacramento in 2005! This is a desirable lunchtime hangout with tasty sandwiches made with a variety of ingredients. Their sandwiches are well under the $10 limit, costing $7.99 at most locations.



20. VEG Cafe and Bar

A Must-Try: Aloo Tikki | $8

This healthy and creative Midtown eatery is located in a beautiful Victorian building, where some of the best drinks (non-alcoholic and alcoholic alike) and food are served! Their simple vegetarian/vegan menu includes some unique options, such as Aloo Tikki, which are lightly spiced potato cakes with green peas, cilantro and tamarind chutney.


Bon Appétit, Sacramento!

What affordable and delicious lunches are we missing out on? Let us know in the comments below!

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