5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom
June 29, 2016

5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Guest post provided by Kerrie Kelly of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab.

With spring cleaning underway, it’s only natural that you would discover parts of your home that might be in desperate need of an update. Our favorite room to spruce up? The bathroom! With so many innovative materials, simple accessories and cool color palettes at our disposal, it’s almost too easy to makeover the bathroom into a beautiful oasis. Here are five of our favorite ways to give any bathroom an instant facelift.

Freshen Up with Paint

Freshed a bathroom with paint

The quickest way to revamp your bathroom space is with paint. Whether you’re layering on a fresh coat or choosing an entirely new shade, new paint adds instant freshness. Our go-to color for any bathroom style is a bright white semi-gloss hue. The cleanliness of the color pairs well with most styles, and its finish allows you to wipe up any messes or stains from dirty hands (or paws). If you’re looking for a hint of color, we’re predicting a trend of bold navy hues and painted patterns like stately vertical stripes. Adding a painted pattern to your bathroom can make a smaller space look larger and a large space more visually interesting.


Update a bathroom vanity

The vanity in the bathroom is one of the anchors of the space. Your eye is instantly drawn to its configuration, details and visual features. By updating your vanity, you update a key focal point, instantly revamping the entire space. If you’re looking to create a contemporary cove, opt for a freestanding vanity with open shelving. Or, if you are more traditional, a spacious vanity featuring a deep basin sink, curved faucet and beautiful carved details might be more up your alley. If you just want to make a small change, just swap out your hardware or update your faucet.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

bathroom mirror updates

What’s a bathroom without a fabulous mirror? If your space is looking a little lackluster, swap out the mirror. Whether your bathroom features a basic builder-grade mirror or one that’s simply out of date, switching it out for an updated shape or one with a finished frame may be the best solution for you. One of our favorite ways to style a bathroom is with a glamorous oval mirror paired with statement lighting or a framed mirror with an antique finish and simple lighting nearby.

What About Wallpaper?

bathroom wallpaper designs

If paint isn’t really your thing, you may want to consider wall coverings. Not to be confused with the wallpaper your parents plastered on the guest bathroom in your house growing up, today’s contemporary options offer something for everyone. From peel-and-stick to prettily patterned, wallpaper is now a driving force in the design industry, giving homeowners the option to add texture, color and graphics to their otherwise simple space. Create an accent wall with fun, textured wallpaper to lift your bathroom out of its subpar style or cover the entire room with a simple pattern for a fabulous facelift.

Hardware Happiness

bathroom hardware

Last, but certainly not least, we love upgrading bathrooms by swapping outdated hardware for fresh styles and finishes. While trendspotting during market season this year, we found that feminine finishes like copper and rose-gold were coming into play, especially in the bathroom. If your bathroom is blissfully bright, a shiny copper faucet or drawer pulls will add visual interest and a fashion-forward flair. Looking for something more classic? Matte metals always look sleek, no matter the configuration of your space

What are some of your favorite tried-and-true ways of updating your bathroom?


Bathroom renovation and design consulting are core areas of expertise for interior designer Kerrie Kelly and her firm, Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. Kerrie writes about decor online for The Home Depot. To review a large selection of bath decor and accessories, including ideas covered by Kerrie, you can visit Home Depot’s Home Decorators Collection here.

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