Local Sacramento Bloggers You Need to Follow
May 2, 2016

Local Sacramento Bloggers You Need to Follow

Within the larger overarching community of Sacramento, there are micro communities that are worth being a part of or at least admiring. You can find a community to be involved in that is in line with your love for outdoor adventure, one that celebrates your favorite hobby, or a community that has evolved in and around your favorite coffee shop in town. Most of these communities involve a physical meeting location, while others exist in a more virtual space.

One of said virtual groups is the thriving community of local bloggers. There are several talented bloggers in the greater Sacramento area who write about a variety of topics, including community events, parenting, cooking, fashion, and sometimes a combination of them all! Following these local experts is a wonderful way to stay involved in the latest Sacramento happenings, get inspiration in the kitchen, or simply read fascinating and funny stories about a local family.



Jax Chronicles

Jax of Jax Chronicles is a mother of two who is passionate about trying new food recipes, adoption (as she and her husband adopted their first child from China) and exploring local restaurants in Sactown. Follow along with Jax as she chronicles her family’s life, shares new recipes, and keeps you informed on the latest in local foodie news.

Jax Chronicles

Photos Courtesy of DeAnna Gallardo Photography (Left) and Jax Chronicles (Two on Right)

The People of Sacramento

The People of Sacramento highlights and promotes local Sacramento creatives or businesses doing amazing things. They are “cultivating creativity one feature at a time”. One of the best ways to keep up with their fun and positive mission is to follow @thepeopleofsacramento on Instagram; in fact, they were included among Sactown Magazine’s 10 Sacramento Instagrammers You Should Be Following Right Now!

Sipped in California

Sipped in California is your inside source to local wineries, craft breweries and restaurants in the area. Kelly and Kevin will take you along as they experience their beloved California and all its splendor. The couple has a 5-year-old and two boxers, so they love finding and sharing kid-friendly and dog-friendly activities!


Parenting + Family

Chronicles of a Young Mother

Vivienne of Chronicles of a Young Mother provides an insightful look at life as a young mother, in addition to lots of beauty and fashion tips. Follow the inspiring and adorable life of this Sacramento family!

Chronicles of a Young Mother

Photos Courtesy of Chronicles of a Young Mother

A Family Lives Here

Stephanie (Huang) Porter of A Family Lives Here has quite the exciting life and professional achievements in the blogging world. On this personal blog, she writes about nearly everything, including family life, parenting, travel, food, education, technology, books, issues, health, style, and whatever strikes her fancy. Be a part of Stephanie’s fun journey she expresses through writing!


Brandy is a mother of four who loves crafting and created Gluesticks as an outlet for her creative expression. You’ll find all the crafty family necessities on this adorable blog — recipes, kids activities, step-by-step craft tutorials, and more!

High Heels and Honeybees

Ellen of High Heels and Honeybees documents her life as a mother of two, sharing her love for family, food and fun — and things to do in Sacramento. Ellen is also a Barefoot Books Ambassador, where she shares amazing books and products she loves with her audience.

High Heels and Honeybees Sacramento Blogger

Photos Courtesy of High Heels and Honeybees



Jennifer Wolfe is a mom of two and middle school teacher who shares her passions, stories, and life lessons on her blog, Mamawolfe. She loves traveling, gardening, baking, and inspiring others with her stories about children — both at home and in the classroom.

Mom With a Dot Com

Rita — or Mom With a Dot Com — is a passionate mother of three who explores a variety of subjects on her blog, including Disney, travel, beauty, fitness, food and recipes, and technology. She considers her computer her gateway to the outside world, where she can connect with others, share her life experiences, and stay tuned into the world.

Mom With a Dot Com

Photos Courtesy of Mom With a Dot Com


Pantry Overflow

Diana Davis of Pantry Overflow is a master couponer and mother of seven who made it a mission to share her money-saving tricks and tips with the world — in addition to specific deals that can be found in the Sacramento area. If you’re interested in adopting her budget-friendly mentality, learn how to get started, search for stores with special price cuts, read her informative posts, and watch your pantry overflow!

Where My Heart Resides

Ashlee is a writer, photographer and mother of two boys who blogs about marriage, motherhood, friendship and faith on Where My Heart Resides. She has several fashion, food and artistic posts in the mix, creating a beautiful and well-rounded blog made all the more beautiful with her masterful photography.


Food + Cooking

Farm Tots

As America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, Sacramento is home to many health-conscious individuals. Heather Palmer is a mother of two young children who explores how families can bring the farm-to-fork movement into their homes. She is a vocal advocate for nutrition, sustainable farming and embracing the California lifestyle of indoor/outdoor living. Check out Farm Tots for recipes, nutrition information, and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle!

Farm Tots Sacramento Blogger

Photo Courtesy of Farm Tots


Glorious Treats

Glory of Glorious Treats is a mother of two little girls in Sacramento who discovered a love for baking as a creative outlet shortly after quitting her job as a florist to stay home with her little ones. Glory shares lots of delicious recipes on her blog, in addition to party ideas and crafts!

Mama Harris’ Kitchen

Dawn — or Mama Harris — is a self-taught home chef who is opening up her kitchen (and the many recipes, stories, and happenings therein) to share with the world. She started cooking as a way to cut back on expenses, and it evolved into something so much greater — her blog, Mama Harris’ Kitchen. Flip through her recipes filled with comforting and delicious dishes!


Fashion + Beauty


Vanessa Labi of Babe-sicle is a personal style blogger with an eclectic style that is equally boho and girly. She is passionate about art and culture, and loves inspiring people to tap into their own unique style.

Babe-sicle Sacramento Blogger

Photos Courtesy of Babe-sicle


Chasing Pretty

Chasing Pretty is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog by Gina, a mother and California native. Gina loves Starbucks, cupcakes, dancing, the color pink, and anything that sparkles, and writes lots of helpful beauty posts, featuring products and tips!

The Dress Fiend

Phoebe is a local blogger who loves to find amazing items at the thrift store for next to nothing. She believes that high fashion is attainable with a little creativity and a lot of savviness, and hope to share tips on The Dress Fiend from her years of experience to help others achieve the same thrift store shopping success.

The Lipstick Giraffe

The Lipstick Giraffe is a stylish lifestyle blog created by Sacramento native Kachet Jackson-Henderson. It is a source of information for those with budgets and hectic lives to keep in mind, covering subjects such as fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel, and recipes.

The Lipstick Giraffe Sacramento Blogger

Photos Courtesy of The Lipstick Giraffe


Peek and Ponder

Ashley of Peek and Ponder is a beauty and lifestyle blogger who writes about product reviews, beauty tutorials, DIY projects, and her personal experiences of life in Sacramento. Since she began her blog, Ashley has developed her photography skills and has expanded her reach to her YouTube channel where she shares beauty videos and lifestyle vlogs.



Best Friends For Frosting

Best Friends for Frosting is a lifestyle brand dedicated to joyful and wholehearted living. Melissa Johnson and her team of creatives share exclusive and memorable content to inspire readers, including DIY tutorials, delicious recipes, style and beauty tips, and tidbits about motherhood. We are major fans of Best Friends For Frosting! In fact, we featured two of their adorable projects on a curated list of DIY home projects from local Sacramento area bloggers. Follow along for a steady supply of inspiration, joy and fun ideas.

Best Friends for Frosting Sacramento, CA

Photos Courtesy of Andy Johnson Photography + Two Twenty Photos


Who did we miss?

What Sacramento blogger(s) do you follow who should be added to this list? Let us know!

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