9 Reasons You Should Never Go to Sacramento
April 1, 2016

9 Reasons You Should Never Go to Sacramento

Those of you who don’t call Sacramento your home may not be aware of some pretty frightening facts about the capital of California. In case you end up visiting or moving there at some point, we thought you should be adequately forewarned.

From its overwhelming supply of wine from local vineyards to its diverse seasons that will require a fully stocked wardrobe, Sacramento has some serious issues you need to be aware of…

1. You will end up spitting out subpar wine while on vacation anywhere else.

Your pallet will be overwhelmed with flavor as it encounters the wine found in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. As your wine standards increase, your tolerance for subpar wannabes will dramatically decrease. This is especially true after a visit to Frasinetti Winery, Sacramento’s oldest family owned and operated winery. With a winemaking history dating back to its origins in 1897, this rich, historical setting is sure to raise your standards.

Frasinetti Winery Sacramento

Photo courtesy of Frasinetti Winery.

2. You will become overly caffeinated due to the abundance of coffee shops.

You know that jittery feeling you get after your third cup of coffee in a day? That is sure to happen after you realize you must try each and every caffeinated brew at the abundance of local coffee shops in the Sacramento area.

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters Sacramento

Photos courtesy of Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

3. You will not be able to choose between a getaway to the Bay Area or Lake Tahoe.

Sacramento’s central location and convenient distance from several popular vacation destinations is just plain annoying. How is one to decide where to spend a long weekend? Should you travel the hour and a half to the bustling city of San Fran or the two hours to relaxing Lake Tahoe? Maybe you want to head to Napa just an hour’s drive instead. There are just too many options to choose from!

Photos courtesy of Visit Lake Tahoe and City and County of San Francisco.

4. You will become a craft beer snob.

After you visit or move to Sacramento, your friends from other cities will see a noticeable difference in the way you approach the subject of beer. Or should we say craft beer? The beer scene in Sacramento is growing in complexity and quality each and every year. Hop on board a Sac Brew Bike tour to visit some of these local breweries via bicycle and you’ll see what we mean.

Sac Brew Bike Sacramento

Photo courtesy of Sac Brew Bike.

5. You will not be able to carry all the fresh produce you pick up from the farmer’s market.

There is simply no tote bag large enough to handle all the fresh produce you’ll purchase when you visit one of Sacramento’s local farmer’s markets. In fact, no matter what time of year it is, you can always stop by Auburn’s Old Town Foothills Farmer’s Market every Saturday. So essentially, there is no escaping this dilemma during the winter months!

Foothill Farmers Market

Photo courtesy of Foothills Farmer’s Market.

6. You will be caught off guard by all the smiling Sac towners.

Culture shock is real. And you are sure to experience it when you arrive in Sacramento, as you’ll be greeted by an overwhelming number of smiling faces. Because of the wonderful and well-rounded quality of life you’ll find in this city, people are just so happy all the time. And the worst part? They’ll start to affect the way you feel, and you’ll slowly, but surely be added to this number whether you like or not. This is especially true when you start working in this city, as Forbes recently named Sacramento as the #2 happiest city to work in the country.

Sacramento Capitol

7. You will have high and unrealistic expectations after dining at a Sacramento restaurant.

In addition to being California’s state capital, Sacramento is America’s farm-to-fork capital. This means you will return home after a visit to the city and be immediately dissatisfied with the quality of food you consume. Sacramento’s farm-fresh ingredients will set a standard for your dining experiences that will simply not be reached outside the city limits. This fact will be extremely evident during the city’s Farm-to-Fork Restaurant Weeks, which celebrate the region’s premier dining destinations and the bounty of seasonal ingredients that surround Sacramento.

Hock Farm Craft & Provisions Sacramento

Photo courtesy of Hock Farm Craft & Provisions, a local farm-to-table restaurant in Sacramento.

8. You will not be able to decide on a neighborhood to call home.

Sacramento’s list of neighborhoods is extremely long. Frankly, there are so many to choose from that you might become overwhelmed, especially when you find out that the cost of living in Sacramento is 14% lower than the state average. So you’ll be able to afford more homes in the area than you would in other California cities. This makes your decision that much more complicated! (Thankfully, we can help with this issue…)

Sacramento Communities

Communities from left to right: Downtown/Midtown, Old Sacramento, Auburn Valley Country Club and Central Davis.

9. You will have to go on a shopping spree to accommodate the diverse seasons.

If you’ve moved to Sacramento expecting a one-season-fits-all wardrobe to suffice, you’re in for a surprise. Sacramento’s weather allows residents to experience the joys of each season throughout the year, including a cold winter, warm spring, hot summer and mild fall. This diverse weather lineup means you’ll simply have to expand your wardrobe. You’ll then have to choose from the large number of local boutiques and malls to go shopping at! Arden Fair Mall is a good place to start, as it is a one-stop-shop for all your wardrobe expansion needs.

Arden Fair Mall Sacramento

Photo courtesy of Arden Fair Mall.

Let’s make this list a perfect 10!

What reasons do you have? We might just add it to our list!

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