Being Aware of Buyer’s Remorse
November 3, 2015

Being Aware of Buyer’s Remorse

Buyer’s remorse. We all get it, but feeling remorse is easier to stomach from say, wallpaper or patio furniture, as opposed to a whole house.

Remorse is also one of the top reasons sales fall through, so whether you’re a buyer or seller, this nagging uneasiness and regret is something that should be avoided at all costs. So how do we steer clear of it? Earlier this month RealtorMag’s Daily Real Estate News* shed light on the most common distractions and missteps buyers make.

Buying too big of a home – Too much (unused space) can lead to unnecessary expense and time-consuming upkeep.

Awkward layouts – This applies primarily to kitchen islands. But whatever the element, picture your daily habits, furniture, and lifestyle in these appealing, yet tricky, designs.

Not considering what’s missing – Some things we take for granted, and may not be on our “must have” lists. Bathtubs, fireplaces, mudroom, trees to climb in, etc.

Pools – Industry experts say this can be a great selling point, especially for Sacramento area summers. But buyers who’ve never owned a pool before are often taken aback by the expensive upkeep.

Fads – There are a lot of cool things going into homes these days – wallpaper, brass fixtures, steel countertops. Make sure what you’re buying has a timeless appeal, as well as bells and whistles.

In a nutshell, know yourself and your lifestyle. Be realistic, reasonable, and cognizant of remorse and any elements that may be the root of it. Know that some concessions will most likely be made, so what can you truly live with and without?


*Sourced from Angela Colley’s Oct. 12 article on

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