Cool Curb Ideas for Summer
July 20, 2015

Cool Curb Ideas for Summer

Summer has officially arrived, and there is no better time than now to improve your curb appeal and create the warm, welcoming space that your home deserves!

There are a bundle of cool curb appeal ideas out there, but you don’t need to hire someone to completely redo your landscaping, or dedicate your entire summer to maintaining large garden beds. Start with some simple improvements and you’re on your way to a warm and welcoming entrance!


Add Some Color and Height

Planting pots in the front  gives the feeling of life to your front yard! Flowers themselves add an element of cheer that make your home more inviting. For additional appeal, use a variety of colors and heights in your plants. This year, I planted some simple pansies and rosemary in my front pots. The rosemary adds height and fragrance, (not to mention it has also been a great addition to meals) as the plant continues to grow and multiply. Choose bright colors that complement the colors of your home and trim. Don’t go too overboard – stick with two or three colors to give it variety without becoming an eyesore. Native grasses are also a great choice for height, and are easy to maintain. Consider flowers and herbs that bloom throughout the seasons and require little maintenance so you can spend more time enjoying your space instead of always working on it!

Add variation to your flowers by putting pots at a variety of heights.  Placing your planters on porch furniture, or building small blocks with brick or pavers will also help your home stand out because it keeps the eye moving across your yard, rather than focusing on one area.

If plants aren’t your thing, or you’ve already got a bunch of landscaping completed, consider adding mulch or rock to the existing beds or around the entirety of your home to creatively add curb appeal for a low price tag. Mulch and rocks are available in a variety of colors and textures, so the type you choose can create a whole new ambiance to your home.


Harness the Power of Sunlight

Solar lighting is one of the easiest ways you can improve your curb appeal. Most solar lights are small and require no wiring, so the installation is simple and done in a snap. Since the sun powers the lights, there’s no need to remember to turn them on or off. Add the lights along a sidewalk, path, or scattered through garden beds for a polished look. The lights will illuminate the area at night, giving your home a whole new atmosphere. Plus, with no need to turn them on or off, if you’re out for the night or on vacation, they’ll add an element of security and safety.


Pillows, Wreaths, and More Decor

The definition of curb appeal is visual appeal, and adding your personality through decor is the easiest way to increase your home’s allure. Any DIY or purchased decorative items can improve the vibrancy of your space and can be swapped out with the seasons for a new look. Add a bench or chair (also great for the vertical movement of your pots described above), and colorful or patterned pillows to give the area a functional, as well as fun, new use. Putting a wreath on your front door will add some splash to your home, and is again simple to switch out with the seasons. Other ideas to add some flare are to replace dated house numbers with a more modern selection, decorate your mailbox, or use window boxes to add additional color or change up the style of your home. Some easy pieces of decor that add additional appeal are things like wind chimes or water fountains – which can provide soothing sounds to a beautiful space.

No matter what the season or your budget, there are dozens of ways to dramatically improve your curb appeal with very little effort. So get started – summer is here for a limited time!

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