Going Crazy at East Sac’s Compton’s Market
May 1, 2015

Going Crazy at East Sac’s Compton’s Market

Compton’s Market in East Sac is more than just your corner grocery store.

This family-owned establishment is a gathering place for residents, state workers at The Cannery Business Park, teachers from nearby Theodore Judah Elementary School and neighborhood kids.

I enjoy Compton’s for the convenience (no fighting for a parking spot here), extensive wine selection, fresh-made dinners and salad bar, gourmet items and the friendliest staff around. Plus, you’ll always run into someone you know – your electrician, colleague or fellow chamber of commerce member.

My kids love Compton’s for a completely different reason – the independence. It is a rite of passage to be old enough to bike to Compton’s solo. In our house, that was when my oldest son turned 10 years old.

With his weekly allowance bursting from his pockets, he rides to Compton’s every weekend along with his buddies to spend money on, well, junk. Think Cool Ranch Doritos, Snickers and Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. They call their weekly endeavor “Going Crazy at Compton’s.”

For me, it’s more than going crazy. It’s supporting a local business that is an integral part of our community – and has stepped up on numerous occasions to sponsor our local elementary school fundraising events.  Hands down, it is the best corner grocery store – ever.

Pettit Gilwee is a Sacramento native, real estate agent, American Bike Trail runner, art appreciator, Sac Antique Faire goer, foodie, mom to 2 active boys and East Sac resident. She serves on the Theodore Judah Elementary PTA Board, the Delta Gamma Sacramento Alumnae Board and is a member of the East Sac Chamber of Commerce.





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