Sacramento's Downtown Rebirth Continues
March 3, 2015

Sacramento’s Downtown Rebirth Continues

Demolition of the old Downtown Plaza has gone well and now the effort is concentrating on fashioning a “bowl” where the area seating will be built using pre-cast concrete from West Sacramento. Getting the bowl dug out is the priority now so that the superstructure can be built that supports the roof. The main outer roof is planned to be on by early Fall 2015 with “dry in” (work on the interior of the new area beginning around mid-December, 2015. Concrete for the construction beginning soon will come in primarily after hours according to Turner Construction.

Workers at work. On any given day right now, there are up to about 125 workers on the site; previously demolition type trades and now excavation and infrastructure trades. But as construction of the new building kicks into high gear in the Spring well see that number increase dramatically, and by the time the roof is finished and work on the interior can begins there will be a congestion of trades including electricians, plumbers, technology installers and so on, perhaps numbering 500 or more.

All of this work, of course has to be coordinated with many different specialists and many city and county agencies. The General Contractor has said that there has been terrific cooperation among the city, county, water agencies and others to keep this huge project moving along as scheduled.

They said the area would bring more development – and that is starting to happen! Our Downtown rebirth continues with a recent proposal for a 16 story high rise to be built next to the new ESC (Entertainment and Sports Complex – aka the Kings new area).

Recent plans for development around the new arena envision public space between the arena and the high rise to potentially be built on the southwest corner of J and 6th street. The public space will connect the area and retail businesses.

Retail business, including restaurants and bars (food and beverage) would be on the first two levels, then a boutique hotel, with the 5 residential levels on top. It is not yet settled whether there will be owner occupied units, but currently the thinking is there will be luxury rental units that may be purchased later as condominiums.

Read more about what’s going on in the Sacramento Downtown and Midtown area on the Sactown Urban Update.

*Rendering courtesy of Sacramento Kings*

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