Downtown: A ”Collideoscope” of possibilities...
February 15, 2015

Downtown: A ”Collideoscope” of possibilities…

Collisions, Co-Learning and Connectedness.  Or setting the stage in Downtown Sac for innovation and growth from chance meetings. “Collisions”.

At DSP’s recent “State of Downtown” breakfast, Keynote Speaker, Mark Rowland spoke of his vision of how downtown could be re-shaped to fuel innovation, using his experience as a ROCeteer consultant for (Las Vegas) Downtown Project. The ROC stands for Return on Community.

Mark founded ROCeteer to fuel innovation within Las Vegas’ Downtown Project. ROCeteer provides coaching, mentoring, training and consulting support to the Las Vegas Downtown Project’s startup ecosystems and entrepreneurs.

Excerpts of Mark’s vision:  It’s all about Accelerating Collisions, Co-Learning, and Connectedness, which in turn will lead to Happiness, Luckiness, Innovation, and Productivity

We should focus on maximizing long-term ROC (Return On Community & Return On Collisions) and institutionalizing ROL (Return On Luck) – Accelerating Serendipity, as in finding valuable or agreeable things you weren’t looking for.


1.    Residential density of 100 residents/acre

2.    Street-level activity for residents to collide

3.    Culture of openness, collaboration, creativity, diversity and optimism

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